Golf News for Friday, June 23, 2006
According to Darrell Survey results, 52 out of the 63 golfers (83 percent) who completed all four rounds at the 106th U.S. Open, played June 15-18 in Mamaroneck, N.Y., used Golf Pride grips. [... more » ]
Nickent was in the winning bag of the Knoxville Open champion on the Nationwide Tour, and the # 3 ranked player on the PGA Tour finished 2nd at the 106th U.S. Open using a Nickent hybrid. [... more » ]
"Putter technology has changed dramatically over the last few years. Through our research, we have found that recreational golfers are having more success on the greens with larger, mallet-style putters," said Michael Blair of G.R.I.P. [... more » ]
"Forming partnerships, particularly with up-and-coming businesses, is an important aspect to our growth model. Sport Chalet fits that paradigm," said John Dougherty, VP sales for OnTrack Sports, the makers of Accu-Length. [... more » ]
"I am still in a state of excitement over my first victory in the Majors," said Ogilvy. "I feel very fortunate to have partners like PUMA by my side, supporting me at every competition." [... more » ]
The legendary chocolatier Chocolat Michel Cluizel tees off with the ultimate sweet celebration of golf: almond and hazelnut praline bouchee coated in delectable white chocolate and smartly shaped like golf balls. [... more » ]
NGF president Dr. Joe Beditz brought his expertise on growing golf to the China International Golf Conference in Beijing, China with a speech titled “Growing the Game – Lessons Learned from Around the World.” [... more » ]
"Circling Raven is gorgeous, it’s very challenging, it’s beautifully maintained and it’s constantly garnering positive media reviews," said Melanie Dellas, editor of Native American Casino magazine. [... more » ]
I lap the field around here, and continually pull out the goods to prove it. Then I put the goods back in, and write insightful commentary like the now-legendary column I wrote: "Australians' perfection means U.S. Open, and World Cup triumphs are ahead" [... more » ]
Roger Clemens has always been up for sale to whoever would pay him the most, bend to his demands the easiest. Clemens is a much worse example of athletic greed than Terrell Owens. Yet TO's savaged while The Rocket is celebrated. [... more » ]
"The strides that the ASA has made for children like my own have been phenomenal, and this is the best way I know how to give back and provide support for an organization that has been so helpful to so many," said Art Sellinger. [... more » ]