Golf News for Wednesday, June 21, 2006
"This U.S. Open was an amazing victory, and we’re very excited that our Precision brand of steel shafts delivered such critical performance," said Ray Lucas, VP and GM of Rifle and Precision brands for True Temper. [... more » ]
Trusting the consistent performance of his Titleist Pro V1x golf ball, Geoff Ogilvy topped a leaderboard at Winged Foot that featured 12 Titleist golf ball players among the top 14 finishers and ties. [... more » ]
Greg Ogilvy's winning performance of 5-over included a combination of distance, accuracy, patience and trust in his King Cobra X/Speed driver (9.5), King Cobra Forged MB irons (3-9) and King Cobra Forged CB 2-iron. [... more » ]
The Competitor Hybrid, is an 18° performance club, designed by PGA professionals and Tour players. This "oddly" designed and highly engineered hybrid allows even the beginner to hit straight shots time after time. [... more » ]
"Our goal is ... to become the most commercially successful company in the golf industry. My focus is to work with key members of our organization to determine the best possible ways to do that," said John Kawaja. [... more » ]
"I am very excited to be joining the GPSI team," said Stratton. "Their patented GPS technology is truly remarkable and I am convinced we're right on the verge of a huge growth opportunity." [... more » ]
"To learn that Beth is going to the US Women’s Open is no surprise. We’re just pleased to be able to help such a talented player continue her ascendancy," said Mike O’Barsky, Infiniti Golf master fitter. [... more » ]
Recipient of the 2006 “Reader’s Choice Best Course to Play in Austin” (4.0 rating) in Golf Digest, Crenshaw Cliffside golf course at Barton Creek Resort & Spa is undergoing upgrades and is set to reopen Sept. 15. [... more » ]
"Winning is always a bonus, but it is the continued brand dominance on the PGA Tour that is the driving force of Softspikes," said Dan Tilton, vice president of sales for PrideSports, the maker of Softspikes. [... more » ]
Cuban made his fortune being involved in Internet companies, and now he's an expert on NBA officiating? The quintessential, loud-mouthed, arrogant corporate jerk, Cuban didn't cost his team the title, but I'll bet he cost them a lot of fans. They should tie him up and gag him. [... more » ]
There were so many rent-a-cops, real cops and Homeland Security types at Winged Foot that they made Phil Mickelson's fan army look small by comparison. Meanwhile, the nearby ports, nuclear power plants and chemical factories galore had their usual tiny details - at best. [... more » ]