Golf News for Monday, June 19, 2006
The Disney empire has overshadowed everything in the Orlando area for years. But golf is emerging as an important partner to the vacation capital of the U.S. Host Dave Berner and Tim McDonald talk Orlando exclusively to help you plan your Florida golf vacation. [... more » ]
"I’m so glad I found Alpha. With all the name-brand clubs out there, my secret weapon for distance and accuracy is the driver no one else knows about," said long-driver Danny Luirette. [... more » ]
Callaway Golf Eyewear has signed David Leadbetter to an endorsement contract. The world-renowned golf instructor will wear and promote the company's Advanced NEOX Lens Technology. [... more » ]
The International, New England’s premiere 36-hole private golf club, has signed on to become a presenting sponsor of Jimmy Fund Golf, the oldest and largest grassroots golf program for charity in the nation. [... more » ]
"The G360 is a natural for the serious senior golfer because it is engineered to get their ball in and out of the hole," said Gary Patterson, co-owner of Gaim Golf. [... more » ]
"Accu-Length offers an unique product for juniors that not only save parents money, but is an incredibly effective club system for children who want to really learn how to play golf," said Eric Ratcliffe, owner of Pro Golf of Tampa. [... more » ]
"It will be a lot of fun to watch how these high-profile executives react under pressure trying to sink those four-foot putts to win for their country," said Joanne Noble, president of CEO Golf Challenge. [... more » ]
"We are pleased to partner with the National Golf Tour, as both professional and amateur players are discovering how SureShot GPS can enhance their game strategies," said Simon Webb, co-founder of SureShot GPS. [... more » ]
"Most players, when properly fit with a putter, do have the ability to putt as well as many of the best players in the game," said Mike Olsen, president of Sentient Sports. [... more » ]
Most Annoying Golf Announcer in U.S. Open history: Congrats Chris Berman! The highlight of his annoying and incomprehensible banter was calling Rory Sabatini's eagle on a par 4 was an "eag." Ugh! Only thing worse are those incessant baseball metaphors. [... more » ]
Miles Byrne (Woosnam and the 15th club) and Christopher (Van de Velde at Carnoustie) have company in the caddie hall of shame. They can now hold chairs for Monty's looper and Bones MacKay, who could have, but didn't, say something meaningful at the proper time. [... more » ]
"EWGA Host Club partners will find that our members are very loyal customers and that promoting women’s golf and the EWGA is good for business," said Pam Swensen, CEO of the Executive Women's Golf Association. [... more » ]