Golf News for Thursday, June 1, 2006
"The American Heart Association is very pleased to have the support of American Express Women’s Golf Week presented by Golf For Women magazine," said Karen Murray, chair of the AHA’s Women and Heart Disease Advisory Group. [... more » ]
"Rifle shafts have already tallied 25 wins this season and have clearly achieved remarkable success on professional tours worldwide," Ray Lucas, executive VP of sales and marketing for Royal Precision. [... more » ]
The PGA of America’s Financial Assistance Fund Scholarship Program continued to surpass records by awarding scholarships totaling $362,000 to 166 students. A record 422 applications were received this year. [... more » ]
Since its inception in 1946, the Orlando Jaycees’ Pee Wee Golf Tournament has continued to provide junior golfers with the opportunity to balance the fun of playing with friendly competition. [... more » ]
"The focus of my new site, (, is simply to identify this mis-information and to let players know not only what the myths are, but why these myths are not true," said Throckmorton. [... more » ]
"The majority of these, which range from 2,375m² to 4,250m² in area, have phenomenal golf, sea and mountain views and the real bonus is that all plots enjoy a natural building platform," said Paul Rossiter, director of Carrington Estates. [... more » ]
"Our clubhouse was functional in the past, but it wasn't very aesthetically pleasing," said Mike Fox, head golf pro at Maggie Valley. "Now, we have an appealing clubhouse that offers all the things a country club should offer." [... more » ]
"Users immediately see and feel what’s right and what’s wrong in their swing," said CBS Sports golf analyst Gary McCord. “It takes the guesswork out of your swing because you’re forced to swing the club properly every time." [... more » ]
This book shares the conversations, the experiences, and the knowledge of Ben Hogan's "Legendary Golf System." What makes this book especially fun is the fable-like aspect of the secrets being passed from mentor to student. [... more » ]
There are very few things in life that give me greater pleasure than seeing the Yanks get stuffed on the sports field. One of my fondest sporting memories is when Russia snatched a gold medal in the dying nanosecond of an Olympic basketball final. [... more » ]
I don't know what exactly a 76-year-old man does to turn around his sad golf game in just over a month. But here's wishing Arnold Palmer the best in doing whatever it is he's trying to accomplish with this two-day appearance. [... more » ]