Golf News for Wednesday, May 31, 2006
This week's podcast is personal! Both Barry and I got a bit agitated over several less-than-nice people who played with us (and we're being kind) so we try to help our listeners by answering the question, "What do you do if you're stuck playing with a grump?" [... more » ]
"We are delighted to nominate Nancy Lopez to our board of directors and are pleased she has agreed to stand for election at our annual meeting of shareholders," said Tim Smucker, chairman and co-chief executive officer. [... more » ]
"We’re doing an awful lot -- and have been -- right now to get our team prepared. Our guys know that the preparation doesn’t start two weeks before the Ryder Cup," said U.S. Ryder Team Captain Tom Lehman. [... more » ]
"The Chamber tournament is a great opportunity to spend a day doing business on the golf course with business executives from throughout the metropolitan region," said Wendi Williams, tournament organizer. [... more » ]
After putting €1 into the slot of the Oncourse golf ball machine, which can be placed at the 1st and 10th tee, golfers will receive one 2-piece, 90-compression top-quality tournament golf ball. [... more » ]
TrackMan measures exact 3D club movement and provides highly accurate data on the ball launch, ball flight, and ball landing coordinates of any golf shot. In addition, it measures actual spin rate of the ball. [... more » ]
"It is our pleasure to help sponsor this event at Pinehurst," said Marje Helfet, CEO of Fairway Skins Company. "Women's Golf Week is an important element in the growth of golf, and Fairway Skins is committed to supporting that effort." [... more » ]
"The PGA of America is proud to offer the PGA Home Library, a tremendous opportunity that enables golf enthusiasts everywhere to enjoy some of the rarest and most treasured literature in the game," said PGA President Roger Warren. [... more » ]
Golf Courses of the Mornington Peninsula recognizes the increasing interest in the game on the Mornington Peninsula, the 100-kilometre neck of land south-east of Melbourne. This interest has led to the building of many courses in recent years. [... more » ]
Shanks for Nothing could have very easily been the next victim in the long line of embarrassingly bad sequels since Missing Links is the funniest golf book ever written. But Reilly found a way to succeed with this almost impossible challenge. [... more » ]
Nicklaus' Cabo del Sol Ocean Course in Los Cabos has received raving press ever since it opened of course. Which only makes a natural cynic like me all the more doubtful. It deserves all the fawning, however. [... more » ]
"The popularity of this event has grown every year, and the fact that we've raised half-a-million dollars is a testament to the importance of responsible gaming to our industry," said Frank J. Fahrenkopf Jr., head of the AGA. [... more » ]