Golf News for Monday, May 1, 2006
"It is hands down the easiest to use of the measuring devices. Golfers are discovering that SureShot GPS really helps them with course management," said Chip Roth of Carolina Custom Golf. [... more » ]
"This will be our first season where all 18 holes are open right from the start," said Jeff Bickford, Sunday River director of golf. "The relatively mild winter is allowing us to open in April and the course should green up quickly as we head into May." [... more » ]
"Users immediately see and feel what’s right and what’s wrong in their swing," said CBS Sports golf analyst Gary McCord. “It takes the guesswork out of your swing because you’re forced to swing the club properly every time." [... more » ]
"As with most breakthrough technologies, trial is key to understanding RadarGolf’s benefits. Once players experience the on-course advantage of BPS technology, they will want to own the system," said Chris Savarese, president of RadarGolf. [... more » ]
"I didn’t set out to unlock what we believe is the DNA of a consistently good swing," said Novosel. "But once we discovered it, we needed to find a way to communicate it to so that every golfer could ... find the consistency that we all lack." [... more » ]
"Cutter & Buck is known around the world for its exceptional sportswear and soon, for its’ eyewear. The partnership between two quality manufacturers is a great fit," said Michael Prince, CEO of Signature Eyewear. [... more » ]
"Corporations through to smaller companies are looking for ways to make an impression. We can offer a number of our products to be used as gifts with the corporate or company logo," said Perfectstroke's Mark Officer. [... more » ] comprises a network of over 85 air charter companies throughout Canada and the USA. Its tag line is 'Swing By Ontario' and it encourages golfers to combine 2-3 days of golf with 2-3 days of wilderness adventure. [... more » ]
Finchem could've followed the government's lead and simply ignored New Orleans. To his credit, however, he remained committed to New Orleans, and the Tour was a major presence in the city, starting with an economic summit and culminating with a surprise winner at English Turn. [... more » ]
Time will tell how much this helps the average golfer. It would probably help our games more dramatically to be able to redistribute some of our own body weight, but that, of course, requires considerably more effort. [... more » ]