Golf News for Monday, April 3, 2006
"We want to take a terrific product to a broader segment of the golfing world," said company president Eric Yeh. "This promotion helps make the decision to go through the custom-fitting process even easier." [... more » ]
"Nothing I've played with offers the automatic and dramatic putting-stroke improvement like the Heavy Putter does. It literally improves your stroke the first time you pick it up," said Lye. [... more » ]
The Masters is upon us and Augusta National is growing - again. How big is too big? Travel to Orlando for great Florida golf and some solid deals as recommended by Tim McDonald (plus some tracks to avoid). Equipment guru Kiel Christianson on the latest slice-curing driver. Bloggers rip into Rush Limbaugh and more, on this edition of This Week. [... more » ]
''Q-Roll Classics Putters are ... the perfect marriage between the best of the past in head designs with the most innovative putter technology on the market today,'' said Q-Roll president Andrew Tarlow. [... more » ]
"Our mission is to build the best-performing golf clubs available, and we feel the only way to do that includes SST Pure Shaft Alignment," said Jon Weedman, veteran club fitter and partner of Totally Driven Golf. [... more » ]
"Launch monitors remain our key focus," said Sean Smith, sales director for Zelocity. "We now have products which focus on specific areas of one's game, from tee to green. That's exciting for us." [... more » ]
The One-On-One Appointment Show will be a highlight of the 16th annual ING Spring Conference May 21-25, offering new networking and growth opportunities for golf and travel businesses. [... more » ]
"In his tenure at Toro he has been involved many issues affecting both the game and the business of golf, and he has demonstrated a commitment to the environment every step of the way," said institute trustee Greg Norman. [... more » ]
The Aficionado III is designed for the player who loves to walk because it's sturdy enough for them to fully load it up with gear and it's so light that they can walk for miles with comfort. [... more » ]
Michelle Wie held a great chance to put pressure Lorena Ochoa, all Wie had to do was make a putt. Instead she pushed it just off line. It wasn't an easy putt. It was one you have to make if you plan to win. Which, as everyone knows, isn't in the Winless Wonder's vocabulary. [... more » ]
Looking for a pickup game of hoops, I had zero luck. Instead, went to the range and pounded some therapeutic range balls. How can this be? Are we giving up on traditional American sports and becoming a nation of soccer moms? [... more » ]