Golf News for Monday, April 24, 2006
Accu-Length’s expandable-club technology helps junior golfers develop a repeatable swing motion and muscle memory, which produces more consistent swings and a more enjoyable golf experience for kids. [... more » ]
"In 2005 we had over 150 reported hole-in-ones, but I'm certain there where many more. It seems our fan loyalty is growing. Many new customers are trying a Crystal golf ball," said John Gilliam, Volvik operations manager. [... more » ]
"Larry Nelson and Henry Picard are most deserving of this high honor," said Timothy W. Finchem, PGA Tour commissioner and chairman of the World Golf Foundation. The 2006 induction ceremony is set for Oct. 30. [... more » ]
"With P3ProSwing we now are selling clubs faster and more easily. One of our goals was to reduce trade-ins and returns, and that is beginning to happen now with P3ProSwing," said Harris Golf Shop manager John Johnston. [... more » ]
"This is the biggest MotionCoach update since the product release. X.2.3 contains over a year of improvements, making X.2.3 the best personal swing-correction software in the market," said company president James Alexander. [... more » ]
The biggest fallers in equipment prices among U.K. retailers were trolleys and drivers, both of which fell by over 4%. Fairways and wedges made up the rest of the decline with falls of over 2% each. [... more » ]
"We assure golfers that they will undoubtedly learn something new in each issue," said Tee Time editor Mary Porter. "Plus our advertisers come back time and time again because they see results." [... more » ]
The Q-Link pendant's stress-reducing technology enabled the winner of the Takefuji Classic to keep her cool and win her first tournament of the year. The third place winner also wore a Q-Link pendant. [... more » ]
Tiger Woods' charity concert, Michelle Wie's latest attempt to make a men's pro tournament cut and Jack Nicklaus's newest sporting passion in Barry and Stacy Solomon's latest podcast. [... more » ]
New Golfer Supremacy Rankings debate whether Tiger is taking the long way home to his sick dad, if Jan Stephenson was right and why Australians are looking good. [... more » ]
"This pledge to the Institute is a confirmation of our ongoing commitment to maximizing golf's compatibility with the natural environment," said Jim Singerling, president of the Club Foundation. [... more » ]