Golf News for Tuesday, April 11, 2006
"The large dimples give the ball greater lift to ensure longer carry. The small dimples stabilize the ball to produce a straighter flight for maximum distance," said Peter Pak, president of Dimplit. [... more » ]
E21's LGL irons share the players' choice award for most forgiving irons. "This award and our #2 rating in the 'Best Overall' category is certainly a testament to our designers and our products," said Bill Dey, E21's GM. [... more » ]
With the Masters done, host Dave Berner speaks with Ron Montesano on Winged Foot, site of the '06 U.S. Open, and early favorites. Chris Baldwin talks about all-male Southern Dunes club in Maricopa, Ariz. Kiel Christianson on Nike Golf's new Nike OZ Black T130 putter and more. [... more » ]
"This tour van is only going to increase the visibility and validity of the fastest growing shaft on the PGA Tour," said Mark Gerent, PGA Tour representative for AccuFLEX Golf. [... more » ]
"I understand how important it is that we take the steps to keep our cholesterol under control, and I want to encourage other Canadians to do the same to protect their heart health," said Stephen Ames. [... more » ]
Among the notable layouts recently designed by Muirhead are 3 Creek Ranch, Jackson Hole, Wyo.; Redstone Golf Club Tournament Course, Humble, Tex.; and Nantucket Golf Club, Nantucket Island, Mass. [... more » ]
Scottsdale deals offer guests the chance to relax and get away by taking in an early morning tee time, lounging by the pool, indulging at a spa, or enjoying culinary delights. Plenty of kids activities are also on offer. [... more » ]
"It's truly an honour to receive this award, especially since golfers do the voting," said Tyler Rafter, head pro at Deerhurst. "Awards like this reaffirm our belief that Deerhurst Highlands should be at the top of everyone's 'must-play' list." [... more » ]
"The positioning of tees to provide a strategic challenge for both professionals and amateurs was essential and I think this is one of the great successes of Linna Golf," said Tim Lobb, the course architect. [... more » ]
Sunday was a snooze. Phil won because he made the least number of mistakes, which is how it goes at Augusta. It begs the question: Is Jack Nicklaus right about his criticism of the lengthening of Augusta? Can no one now make a charge on this course? [... more » ]
I stuck by Goosen even though one of the most intelligent people I know, Mr. Casey Beard, chose Phil Mickelson. Mr. Beard warned me on Sunday morning that Phil would win. Why? His logic was simple but it turned out to be impeccable: Because he is a lefty. So simple. [... more » ]