Golf News for Monday, April 10, 2006
"Swallow Hotels now has 67 properties in Scotland. We are aiming to have 100 hotels by the end of the year and so far we are well on track," Swallow Hotels CEO Peter Gray said. "These new acquisitions will give our customers an even greater choice in key locations across Scotland." [... more » ]
"We look forward to continuing to bring Golf Galaxy's unique interactive store concept to so many new markets and to continuing our expansion into the greater New York metropolitan area," said Randy Zanatta, head of Golf Galaxy. [... more » ]
Animals on the golf course can wreak havoc with a golfer's game. But what happens when they attack? Two men recently found out. We also talk about the other ways in which people enjoy golf, from an extreme viewpoint, that is! Our "golf tips" section focuses on both putting and building confidence. [... more » ]
"The game-improvement technology they incorporate makes them an ideal high-performance option for players looking for a little more help from their equipment," said company VP Drew Isaacman. [... more » ]
"Top-performing equipment makes a big difference on the golf course and at home," said Nicklaus. "That’s why we use Lawn-Boy." Lawn-Boy equipment is used on several of Nicklaus’ properties. [... more » ]
"Our e-Port technology is an excellent fit to all driving ranges between $300,000 and $3 million a year. Driving range operators say cashless is the best thing to happen to their industry in decades," said Steve Ewalt of USA Technologies. [... more » ]
"This new JAVA version of IntelliGolf paves the way for offering IntelliGolf on a variety of mobile platforms," said Craig A. Schmidt, president of Karrier. "These include future offerings on the Blackberry and on Nokia-based smartphones." [... more » ]
"Demand for adidas footwear with colors worn by our athletes on tour has been boiling over," said Dave Ortley of adidas Golf. "We've decided to commercialize these unique offerings." [... more » ]
The 2006 Orvis Cup will be the first North American professional championship in recent memory to be contested solely with hickory-shaft equipment. Purses and prizes for the tournament are in excess of $10,000. [... more » ]
Did Jose Maria Olazabal’s caddy not know that the cover-all he was wearing was supposed to cover his clothes, not his nakedness? We really didn’t need to see it unzipped to his waist, revealing all those mounds of chest hair. The '70s are over, dude. [... more » ]
You can't stop the rain. And you can't help but give shots back around Amen Corner. But can someone please stop Lanny Wadkins? Perhaps no other announcer in the history of the game has begged for a headcover to be shoved into his yap more than Wadkins. [... more » ]