Golf News for Monday, March 6, 2006
"The entry of the Final Judgment achieved the company's objective to preserve and protect the integrity and goodwill of its world famous 'Pebble Beach' mark," said Mark Stilwell, Pebble Beach Company's Executive VP and general counsel. [... more » ]
"Golf is about having fun with your friends," said Zoeller. "Tom, Dana and I are going over there to win a major, but there is nothing wrong with sharing the experience with golf fans and having some fun along the way." [... more » ]
"Bill's extensive marketing and brand-building experience will be a real asset to our organization in further building the Callaway Golf brand names," said George Fellows, CEO and president of Callaway Golf. [... more » ]
Sales of higher-lofted drivers are up for Infiniti Golf. "We expect that the trend to higher lofts will be openly welcomed by consumers as they see their driving distances increase," said company president Eric Yeh. [... more » ]
"The Pro Titanium 905R is the ultimate high-performance driver for the serious golfer, delivering the combination of the looks, feel and ball flight that better players demand," said Titleist VP Chris McGinley. [... more » ]
"Our service has the potential to increase attendance at club functions, which could significantly increase the income of some clubs," said Jamie Hall, sales director for GolfSmart SMS. [... more » ]
An exciting lineup of tournaments at Waikoloa resort in 2006 offers locals and guests plenty of opportunities to enjoy a world-class golf experience on the golden Kohala Coast of Hawaii’s Big Island. [... more » ]
From tee time to a mouthwatering taste of sublime chocolate, the Tee & Chocolate package at Hershey resorts in Pa. is a must for any chocolate-loving golfer or golf-loving chocolate connoisseur. [... more » ]
Once again, the field bowed down to Tiger Sunday at the Ford Championship at Doral, allowing him another PGA Tour notch in his belt. Woods has now won three of his four stroke events to start the year. With everyone intimidated by him, he starts every tournament leading by a few strokes [... more » ]
I just read about how Mickelson once gave a waiter a $700 tip after a cheap meal. Having driven taxicabs and limousines in my day, I've always appreciated a rich guy who had empathy for the downtrodden. I'll bet every time Phil goes into a restaurant now, the waiters are going to fight over his table. [... more » ]
"Women represent a critical demographic for the growth of golf," said Roger Warren, PGA of America president. "Women's Golf Week is designed to provide a fun way for women to connect with the game." [... more » ]