Golf News for Wednesday, March 29, 2006
Along with Ames' arsenal of the Nike SasQuatch Tour driver, Nike Pro Combo irons and Nike One Platinum ball are his SasQuatch 3-wood, Nike forged wedges, all used wearing Nike Golf apparel, footwear and glove. [... more » ]
Srixon Staff Professional Jim Furyk recently added the Srixon I-506 forged irons to his bag. Furyk additionally plays with Srixon's W-506 driver, Srixon forged wedges and Srixon's Z-UR prototype golf ball. [... more » ]
"I've never seen anyone like this kid," says Chuck Presto, senior VP for TaylorMade-adidas. "With his talent combined with our equipment, we're confident that he'll become a long-driving superstar." [... more » ]
"It's no secret on tour that Callaway makes the most technologically superior equipment in the game. That had a tremendous amount to do with the success I enjoyed last season," said Campbell. [... more » ]
Watson leads five Ryder Cup captains in the march to the 67th Senior PGA Championship at Oak Tree Golf Club. The Senior PGA Championship features a field of 156, including 13 major champions. [... more » ]
Very Cool from Tommy Bahama is due to arrive in Summer 2006. Laid back and effortlessly elegant, Very Cool for Men and Very Cool for Women capture days of golf overlooking the azure stretch of ocean. [... more » ]
"We believe our custom logo program will totally fit the need of our club and corporate clientele," said Keith Foley, president of Fine Tune Golf and G-Clip inventor. "It’s a tremendous tool to help build brand awareness." [... more » ]
The conversation between Jim Fazio and interviewer Fred Greene focuses on the development of a current project, the Country Club of Oxford, in Oxford, Miss., as well as Fazio's design philosophy. [... more » ]
"Convergence Film & Television has converted the drama and suspense of the six-day MDSO event into seven hours of compelling entertainment which builds to an incredible finale," said Mike Pagnano, CEO of the World Golf League, Inc. [... more » ]
Rush might not have helped his cause with this on-air comment: "I'm going to start answering these questions like politicians do. 'What do you think of Michelle Wie?' 'Oooooh. What a future. Oh, man, have you seen all these tournaments that she's won? I don't think anybody can keep up with her.'" [... more » ]
Their "McNabb Redux: Limbaugh Trashes Golf Prodigy Michelle Wie" article seems to have fired up readers with some 129 comments posted there as I write this! They include this gem: " is a disgrace for even pubishing an interview with this righ wing maggot ..." [... more » ]