Golf News for Wednesday, March 15, 2006
Changes to several key holes on the Old Course will bring some of its many natural hazards back into play. Despite lengthening the course, the changes will also reduce the amount of time it takes to play a round. [... more » ]
"We continue to be pleased with the success of our equipment on tour," said Chip Brewer, Adams Golf CEO. "Our hybrids and fairway woods are clubs that can be played confidently and with great success by both the tour player and the weekend golfer." [... more » ]
Sabbatini and Donald add further luster to a field that includes nine of the top 18 in the current World Rankings. The 38th annual PGA Tour event will be played March 27-April 2 at Sugarloaf in Duluth, Ga. [... more » ]
Don’t let hand arthritis slow down your golf game. The American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH) encourages golfers to educate themselves on the signs and symptoms of hand arthritis and seek treatment. [... more » ]
The victory at the Honda Classic gives the spike manufacturer its fourth win in four weeks on the PGA Tour, and six wins in just 11 events this season. Last season 24 winners on the PGA Tour wore Champ spikes. [... more » ]
Fairway Skins' high-quality leather gloves with antique floral designs are great looking on the course and perfect for tournament favors. Also, the handmade paper packaging helps make them a great gift item. [... more » ]
"The technology used to build these carts is a fantastic development for addressing the needs of mobility impaired golfers," said Lyn Nelson, GM of Half Moon Bay. "We are proud to have these carts available here." [... more » ]
Kate Whiteside will cover Colorado, Utah and part of Wyoming, and Brooks West will cover Mississippi and Louisiana. "They are experienced veterans in the industry that understand the retail market," said Jeff Waller, national sales director for Ahead. [... more » ]
"We just had our biggest sales month ever in February, and right now we're on track to shatter those numbers for March as well," said Steve Asman, president of Innoventions Enterprises, maker of GustBuster golf umbrella and SunBuster eyewear. [... more » ]
"These Girls Rock" is a lame ad campaign but I guess still one step better than the PGA Tour's version, "These Guys are Good." With all the many millions of dollars generated by both the PGA and LPGA Tours, don't you think they could tempt the agencies to come up with better ad campaigns? [... more » ]
I have known Mike Krzyzewski for many years and here’s what I know about him: He runs one of the cleanest college basketball programs in the country, graduates his players, wins games, and has done this all consistently for the last 25 years. But apparently none of that matters to Chris. [... more » ]