Golf News for Tuesday, March 14, 2006
"Annika embodies all that Lexus represents," said Keith Dahl, Lexus national event marketing manager. "Her outstanding career achievements and persistent quest for excellence in her golf game mirror Lexus' own passionate pursuit of perfection." [... more » ]
"We know that when pros were getting better distances with lofts of greater than 10 degrees, amateurs could really gain from an optimal launch with a higher-lofted driver," said Eric Yeh, president of Infiniti. [... more » ]
Luke Donald edged out fellow Pro V1x loyalist Geoff Ogilvy by two shots to capture the Honda Classic. He topped a leaderboard that included Titleist golf ball players among the top six finishers, and 14 of the top 15. [... more » ]
"We congratulate this week’s champion on a tremendous victory," says Bob Lamkin, president and CEO of the Lamkin Corporation. "It’s rewarding to see the PGA Tour players choose to play Lamkin products." [... more » ]
"The dominance of the Top Two money positions at the Honda Classic really demonstrates the high level of performance that UST shafts provide players at all levels," said Stacey Benvenuto, PGA Tour representative for UST. [... more » ]
"The beauty of this place is so spectacular, and the development team is so experienced, that it provides an added thrill to our entire design company to be a part of Los Valles," said Palmer. Completion is set for March 2008. [... more » ]
"Sunday River Golf Club brings another world-class course to Maine -- one that’s getting rave reviews literally all over North America," said Jeff Bickford, Sunday River Golf Club’s director of golf. [... more » ]
"The Right Touch was 'The Right Fit' for the Booklegger, and we are proud to join the Camp Moose Golf team as their exclusive distributor to the golf retail community," said Robert Kraut, president of the Booklegger. [... more » ]
Suunto G6 is "the only portable, consumer-friendly device that can analyze the components of your swing and provide instant feedback on improving your swing and achieving consistency." said Mike Dowse, GM of Suunto N.A. [... more » ]
A lonely O'Meara starts dialing. "Hey Tiger! How's it going buddy? It's Mark. I was thinking we could have a few beers, talk about life, hit some balls, you know, like the old times." Tiger responds. O'Meara: "Oh yeah. Elin. How is she, anyway?" Tiger responds. O'Meara: "No, I don't know how she could be more blonde, either. Good one, Tiger! Well, Ok, you guys have fun, take care." [... more » ]
Duke hoops coach Mike Krzyzewski is Bobby Knight with a good publicist. Only he lacks any of Knight's realness. No one has a more vile tongue in college basketball than Coach K. Which would be fine if he would just admit who he is: a control freak who berates players, officials, reporters and anyone else who dares get in his way. [... more » ]