Golf News for Monday, March 13, 2006
"This innovation from Volvik may do what the Crystal ball did for the industry over the past four years. The performance of the new Pro'sPect is outstanding!" said Chuck Womer, president of FLGolf, Inc., Volvik's exclusive distributor. [... more » ]
This new series of drivers was very well received at the recent Professional Clubmakers’ Society Expo in Louisville, Ky., where the best clubmakers in the world were impressed with the technology in the new models. [... more » ]
"At Fort Dallas, we have the opportunity to create something truly unique and special," said Fazio. "Mr. Bacardi has challenged us to create the world-class, memorable golf experience that Miami deserves." [... more » ]
"It’s a wonderful ranking," said Ed Walker, co-founder of The Kingsley Club "We’re proud the ranking speaks to more than the design of the golf course, but also to the traditional golf experience and ambience." [... more » ]
"Circling Raven Golf Club is honored to again be recognized as a premier golf course by Golfweek," said David Matheson, Coeur d’Alene Casino Resort & Hotel CEO. "Our guests tell us that Gene Bates created a masterpiece here." [... more » ]
Based in Strafford, N.H., Golf With Jean LLC will offer the K Dreyer Golf Apparel line to better pro shops and resorts in Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire and eastern Massachusetts. [... more » ]
"We are proud that P3ProSwing was in use during the RE/MAX World Long Drive qualifying rounds in Boston," said Jay Russo, managing director of P3ProSwing. "P3ProSwing’s value lies in the accuracy and extensive range of swing analysis data it provides." [... more » ]
The golf training aid's mirror ensures that the eyes are positioned directly above the ball and the putterhead, and there are graphics on the mirror to help ensure perfect alignment of the putterface. [... more » ]
Congratulations Phoenix-Scottsdale. You guys are officially the wimpiest "cold" weather golfers anywhere. And I used to think the folks in Palm Springs were bad, but those geriatric geezers with high pants and right turn signals flashing for eternity could kick your butts any day. [... more » ]
I prefer my golf products to be presented inconspicuously; Titleist’s department does this better than anyone. With the way most companies are choosing to pitch their products, the Pro VI will be the number one ball in golf for a long time. [... more » ]
"It is a pleasure to be able to hold our first golf tournament at such a top-notch location as Shingle Creek," said Lucille O'Neal. "It should be an outstanding day of both golf and entertainment." [... more » ]