Golf News for Friday, March 10, 2006
"Before OptiFit, only touring pros could test multiple head-shaft combinations to find the right driver. Now that option is available to every golfer," said George Fellows, president and CEO of Callaway Golf. [... more » ]
"We are honored to be able to name the Coach of the Year Award after Mr. Merrins. By his example he has shown how mentoring young golfers can develop in them intrinsic values found in the game," said Bill Madonna, SGF director. [... more » ]
Philip Keith Chatham Jr. was honored for his excellence in golf clubmaking and his contributions to PCS. He is a 14-year member of the Society, joining just one year after beginning his clubmaking career. [... more » ]
"The Blue Monster has proven to be one of the finest courses on the PGA Tour, so it was only fitting that we create a sweepstakes to send one lucky winner and a friend to Doral to challenge the course," said Tom Enders, senior marketing manager, Marriott Golf. [... more » ]
"We want 2006 to be a season of fun and excitement," said Wendel. "Many, many people have wonderful memories of the Pavilion and The Attic. We invite everyone to become a part of the grand finale of this much loved icon of Myrtle Beach tourism." [... more » ]
Applications for the U.S. Open, U.S. Women's Open and U.S. Senior Open are online now; entry forms for the U.S. Women's Amateur Public Links Championship and the U.S. Amateur Public Links Championship will be available in mid-March. [... more » ]
Supers will be given one chance to hit a hole-in-one for a grand prize of a laptop computer for themselves and a $30,000 cash prize for their course at the Heritage TL Ace Challenge Finals in Greensboro, N.C. [... more » ] is a new directory of golf web sites that focuses on providing visitors with links to only high-quality golf sites. [... more » ]
"The e-mail is not accurate and doesn't even mention the quarantines this department put in place last fall to keep Formosan termites from spreading," said Bob Odom, Louisiana commissioner of agriculture and forestry. [... more » ]
Hilton Head is full of fancy restaurants, but for my money, if you want great barbecue, try Jim 'N Nick's Bar-B-Que in Bluffton. At Jim 'N Nicks's I got some of the best barbecue chicken I've had in a long time, and they were about as friendly folks as you'll find in the Carolinas. [... more » ]
Ever find that, when your game's is in the toilet, if you grab a new club you start knocking shots straight down the middle? But eventually that "new club magic" begins to wear off and you find your cure-all has been infected with the plague of your swing. Sound familiar? [... more » ]