Golf News for Friday, February 3, 2006
Magique Golf is cutting the wholesale price of its M1 and M2 irons by 15 percent to its resellers, allowing them to bring their profit margins on these clubs up to 40 percent. The price reduction is effective immediately. [... more » ]
"The Alpha driver gives me the extra distance and consistency I need, and that gives me a great deal of confidence off the tee, especially in the windy, difficult conditions that we faced in this tournament," said Jones. [... more » ]
"Gauge Design Putters are a blend of today's technology and yesterday's designs and are the most precisely milled putters in the golf industry today," said David Whitlam, founder of Gauge Design. [... more » ]
"This promotes a more consistent and high-quality experience for Idaho Golf Trail visitors and its something we all felt strongly about ensuring when we decided to band together," said Dave Christenson, Circling Raven director of golf. [... more » ]
"Our customers are constantly looking for new ways to get golfers to their courses and keep them coming back. Inova not only offers a new point of view on GPS, but a completely new way for courses to engage golfers," said Blake Ponuick of Uplink. [... more » ]
Mitchell Golf Equipment Institute completed its inaugural True Temper “Gold Certified” School at Orange County National Golf Center in Orlando, Fla., on Feb. 1. Twelve industry experts are now certified Black Gold shaft-fitting specialists. [... more » ]
The Chuck Cook Golf Academy at Barton Creek Resort & Spa in Texas is offering a variety of two- and three-day schools — All-In-One, Ladies-Only, Short Game, Family Tee Together, and a five-day Junior Academy. [... more » ]
The Bobby Jones Timepiece Collection is a unique and exciting addition to the Bobby Jones accessory family, designed to complement the sportswear collection and with country-club lifestyle in mind. [... more » ]
"Our guests who play the composite course really enjoy playing and visualizing the same shots that the tour professionals faced only a few weeks before," said Desi Howe, La Costa's director of golf. [... more » ]
Dear Nike: For just $50k, at my as-yet-unborn son or daughter's first pro golf event, he or she will wear the Nike Slash or any other Nike advertising, anywhere and everywhere. Shoes, shirt, armbands, hat, earmuffs, earrings, nose ring, socks, belt, temporary face tattoo, etc. Think about it. [... more » ]
GQ named Phil the eighth biggest jerk in sports, and what makes the accomplishment really noteworthy is the select group of certified schmucks he joins, among them: 1) Terrell Owens, 2) Barry Bonds, 5) Kobe Bryant, 7) Bonzi Wells, and 10) Lleyton Hewitt. [... more » ]