Golf News for Friday, February 24, 2006
"With the world's best players choosing to play Rifle steel shafts by a 3:2 margin over the nearest competitor, this is an incredible testimonial to the quality and performance of Rifle shafts," said Ray Lucas, senior VP for Royal Precision. [... more » ]
"This driver is the first of its kind that is made specifically with the needs of juniors in mind. And it's affordable too, which makes it even more attractive," said Les Miller, VP sales of La Jolla Club Golf Company. [... more » ]
The Kraft Nabisco Championship has released its list of professional and amateur exemptions for its upcoming tournament, the first "major" of the year on the LPGA Tour, which will be held March 27-April 2 in Rancho Mirage, Calif. [... more » ]
"My Bluetooth-equipped PDA loaded with shot-tracking, scoring and imbedded GPS software is like having a personal caddy that remembers everything," said Jim Plewa, president of CenterCup LLC and avid golfer. [... more » ]
"By monitoring the locations of all maintenance vehicles and equipment in real-time, TracLink helps [superintendents] manage their crews more efficiently and gives them the real-time information they need," said Blake Ponuick, chief marketing officer at UpLink. [... more » ]
"HI-TEC has truly revolutionized the golf shoe market with the birth of the innovative CDT Power, proven to be the world's first game improvement golf shoe," said Duncan Patmore, director of Global Golf. [... more » ]
"We came up with some pretty cool concepts," said Idex principal Jim Tumbrink, "but working creatively with Greg and the gang at Gasket they took the spots to a different level, and they did it on a tight budget and an even tighter timeline." [... more » ]
The United States Golf Association Green Section web site now offers a number of animation clips on topics including repairing ballmarks, bunker etiquette, selecting hole locations, water for healthy turf and divot-repair etiquette. [... more » ]
"[The Request for Proposal document] is useful for first-timers who have never been involved in a golf venture, and even managers and committee members who have been down this path before," said Tom Marzolf, president of the American Society of Golf Course Architects. [... more » ]
For LPGA Tour boss Carolyn Bivens and her staff to come up with a credential policy that results in the AP and others not covering an event - an event with MICHELLE WIE in it, for Tiger's sake! - is beyond counter-productive, beyond "kinda stupid." It's just plain dumb. [... more » ]
By giving up on La Costa, the Tour's once again showing how little it cares about golf history. But you don't see Tiger or anyone else calling for La Costa to be kept on Tour. Their loyalty only goes as far as the next big check too. [... more » ]