Golf News for Thursday, February 2, 2006
"This year’s SignBoy spots feature the right blend of humor, product and leadership in communicating our brand message to the golf consumer," said Andy Jones, VP of marketing for FootJoy. [... more » ]
"The Savvy Golfer seeks suppliers who deliver top-of-the-line, unique golf equipment that appeals to the recreational golfer and provides them with a tremendous value for their money," said Robert Blumberg, president of the Savvy Golfer. [... more » ]
Defending champion Scott will be joined in the Nissan Open, to be presented by Countrywide on Feb. 13-19, by past Nissan champions including Allenby, Els, Mattiace, Mayfair, Pavin, Triplett and Weir. [... more » ]
"We're excited to launch this new putter with Q-Roll Golf,'' said Kerry Kabase, sales director at Edwin Watts Golf. "The Q-Roll technology story is very interesting and one that we believe our customers will be excited about, too.'' [... more » ]
"I am thrilled to work with Octagon," said Kim. "The agency has a tremendous track record managing the careers of professional athletes; in particular they have excelled at representing female athletes." [... more » ]
The Virginia Beach Golf Association's new 2006 Virginia Beach Golf Vacation Guide features golf packages starting at only $189 per person. In March, for groups of eight or more, the group leader plays for free. [... more » ]
Same-store rounds played in the U.S. were down 8.1% in the month of December 2005 vs. December 2004. As a result, rounds finished the year at -0.1%, or flat as compared with 2004. [... more » ]
On Jan. 27, 110 PGA Professionals answered hundreds of calls and e-mails during a 12-hour period in the first-ever Golf Equipment Hotline, a joint project between The PGA of America and USA Today. [... more » ]
"Escena Golf Club is destined to be an integral part of the Escena Palm Springs lifestyle. Players just keep coming back, and that’s a sure sign that you’ve got a hit on your hands," said Jeff Sauvage, club manager. [... more » ]
The Phil love is getting a tad ridiculous in the Scottsdale-Phoenix resort corridor with the FBR Open in town this week. You wake up here and Phil pops out of your cereal box, smiling, with a "How ya doing, buddy?" [... more » ]
Essentially, the goal of the golf swing is to keep the club in a slot, dissecting the shoulder on the backswing and following through. How many of us do that? Less than we would probably like to admit. So how do we rotate the body and keep the club in its slot? [... more » ]