Golf News for Wednesday, February 15, 2006
Both the HX Tour and HX Tour 56 golf balls are now manufactured using a proprietary technology that ensures maximum concentricity as well as high-speed drives and iron shots with plenty of spin. [... more » ]
"It’s an incredible start to 2006," said Mike Rossi, Aldila’s vice president of marketing and sales. "Our new VS Proto shaft has now been used by the winners of the last two PGA Tour events." [... more » ]
"The Proforce V2 is one of the most talked about graphite shafts on the pro tours," said Stacey Benvenuto, PGA Tour rep for United Sports Technologies. "The V2’s characteristics and low-torque design deliver a stable and consistent performance." [... more » ]
"The Nicklaus Design team of professionals will provide golf lovers with a course they will never forget, and one they will want to play over and over again," said Barry Freedman, owner and developer of Ute Lake Ranch. [... more » ]
Hermitage Golf Club in Edinburgh, Scotland, presents the World's First Tiny Tour Pro. On Feb. 16, kids from Edinburgh schools can meet and play with the "Tiny Tiger Cub," 5-year-old golf prodigy Reece Campbell Murphy. [... more » ]
"Both John and Jennifer have done a great job in their previous roles, and we feel that by giving them these new responsibilities, we will be able to offer our customers better service," said Chad Kolakowski of Divix, which makes golf accessories. [... more » ]
"Our goal is to raise as much money as possible to help Kansas City-area children through the tournament -- and we simply can't do it without the volunteers," said Bob Burris, executive director for the Greater Kansas City Golf Classic. [... more » ]
You make a mistake in golf, you make a bogey. Big deal, join the crowd. You make a mistake in hunting, you critically wound an elderly lawyer and make yourself the national butt of every joke imaginable. [... more » ]
Now, if you're dropping three twenties on a burger, you need to be getting haircuts with Bill Clinton and shopping for shower curtains with Dennis Kozlowski. But the regular everyman burgers are damn tasty at Burger Bar. [... more » ]
The New Jersey Golf Course Owners Association (NJGCOA) presented its annual awards, and the New Jersey chapter received the prestigious Championship Award from the National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA). [... more » ]
The GCSAA's annual Leo Feser Award went posthumously to Mike Hansen for his article "Breaking the Glass Wall." The award is given annually to the best superintendent-written article published in GCM, the association's monthly magazine. [... more » ]