Golf News for Friday, December 22, 2006
The Dry Golf Towel will remove moisture from golf equipment and hands repeatedly while maintaining its usefulness. It is easy to use and transport. The Dry Golf Towel will be marketed to both professionals and amateurs. [... more » ]
The patented, palm-sized Trigger trainers are the only portable golf swing trainers that allow aerobic warm-up and stretching with your clubs. Benefits can come from just 60 seconds of stretching exercise. [... more » ]
Meghan lives in Shafter, California and this past year she played in 9 tournaments including the Crozier Classic. Highlights included a second straight finish in the Lin Ross Easter Classic in Fresno. [... more » ]
"Having three of Kauai’s four golf-destination partners rated among the very best golf resorts in North America by an esteemed publication such as Golf Digest is high praise indeed," said Sue Kanoho of the Kaua‘i Visitors Bureau. [... more » ]
Golf Magazine's play testing involves the co-operation of registered members of the PGA and a mid-to-low handicap player selected by them, to use, and then comment on, different equipment in a fair way. [... more » ]
"This shows that women's professional golf is healthy and that our sponsors value the talent and passion these young pros bring to the game," said Zayra F. Calderon, president and CEO of the Duramed FUTURES Tour. [... more » ]
As director of corporate, tournament and Internet sales Clem will be responsible for executing business development initiatives within distribution channels while managing the company's sales and support teams. [... more » ]
"The future of Texas golfers has never been brighter, and the Golf Foundation of Texas plans to ensure that future with new financial scholarships for young Texas golfers," said Amy Blakely, for the Golf Foundation of Texas. [... more » ]
"On Course GPS and ProLink provide the perfect complement to the world-class golf experience that Fancourt delivers," said Ingrid Diesel, CEO Resort General Manager at Fancourt Hotel and Country Club Estate.. [... more » ]
Long and strong, Tiger Woods needs advice from no man on how to use the tool that is his considerable talent. There is nothing turgid about the man's style. Still, I thought I'd submit the photo below for Tiger's perusal. Consider it a cautionary tale ... [... more » ]
I hereby offer any odds, for any amount of money, from any bettor, golfer, housewife or bricklayer, that Michelle Wie will not last longer than two years at Stanford. She won't make it to her junior year, unless Nike buys Stanford and makes professional golf a viable curriculum. [... more » ]