Golf News for Thursday, November 9, 2006
"The x2 Golf brings a new and innovative twist to the game, and we are pleased to be the first to offer the newest Segway technology at our Tiburón championship courses," said Gary Wilcox, general manager of the Tiburón Golf Club. [... more » ]
"We're thrilled that Granite Golf Properties purchased our INOVA GPS solution for its three premier golf facilities," said Mike Cronin, vice president with UpLink, about the sale to Medina, Shale Creek and The Quarry Golf Clubs. [... more » ]
"Each of these chapters has demonstrated a yearlong commitment to building membership and providing exceptional service and programs for its members," said Pam Swensen, the CEO of the Executive Women’s Golf Association. [... more » ]
"In less than a decade, the company has achieved remarkable success and we’re happy to be on track for continued growth in the future," said Linda Hipp about being included in Profit Magazine's annual list. [... more » ]
Par-formance, The Golf Score Journal works on an individual basis for a golfer as a reference to rounds played and to track their game from tee to green. Par‑formance records scores and charts progress and improvement. [... more » ]
For the second consecutive year and third time in four years, Rees Jones has won the Nike Golf ING Pick Your Pro Contest. Jones finished with 7,414,529 points after choosing Vijay Singh in the PGA Tour Championship. [... more » ]
Nestor will play an active role in evaluating and directing editorial strategies, while also providing various news stories, features and analytical pieces for New Jersey's #1 regional golf magazine on a monthly basis. [... more » ]
Pinehurst Director of Instruction Eric Alpenfels joins host Fred Greene for an in-depth conversation that covers the Golf Advantage School and overviews of Pinehurst courses No. 1, No. 3, No. 4, No. 5 and No. 6. Alpenfels also provides tips. [... more » ]
The term "gastronomy" is used in Portugal more often than I've heard it the rest of my lifetime. Food and the production of entertaining guests, especially dinner, is viewed as an art/science here. The amount of people in uniform around your table rivals that of open heart surgery. [... more » ]
A lot of folks and my readers included have found some subversive motives in Tiger's "rest" and my point is; why can't we take him at his word? The guy doesn't appear to have a deceptive bone in his body. He may guard his "Privacy" but who wouldn't in his position? [... more » ]