Golf News for Wednesday, November 8, 2006
" I found myself repairing three or more every time I hit the green. A divot tool only works if you use it. You'll use this one. No bending over and it's actually fun," said Jim Light, president and founder of ProLine Sports. [... more » ]
"Our decision to award points earned since the PGA Championship was the right thing to do for players who have been under the impression that they were already earning points," said PGA of America President Roger Warren. [... more » ]
Jason Zuback, the most decorated athlete in power golf, captured the 2006 RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship for a record fifth time. Zuback, whose winning blast traveled 368 yards, 29”, took the Open Division title. [... more » ]
"Hats off to the Peninsula Club," said Tim Greenwell, a senior vp for Troon Golf. “Just like the European team at the Ryder Cup, winning is often as much of a result of team unity as it is of being the most talented." [... more » ]
"When it came down to the final hour, some tough decisions had to be made to complete this year's field," Norman said. "The list of players who wanted to play and were qualified to play was extensive." [... more » ]
"Eagle Creek was an excellent layout for match play," said Jacqui Concolino, a sophomore at Vanderbilt. "Perfect venue for our match play championship, with the five par 5s" said Auburn coach Kim Evans. [... more » ]
"Top golfers are choosing to change to Champ Spikes. They are not satisfied with the results from the spikes in their shoes, instead they are making a conscious decision to switch," said Champ president Harris MacNeill. [... more » ]
"We are constantly seeking ways to enhance customer experiences and working to cater to the uniqueness in every woman," said LIJA founder Hipp. “The revised website portrays the fun, fashion-forward look of the line." [... more » ]
The signed lithograph was created by the late Charles M. Schulz and features Charlie Brown and Snoopy in a humorous dialogue on the virtues of different types of golf balls. Its authenticity is fully documented. [... more » ]
So Patrick proceeds to get into a golf lesson/kiss up fest with Joe Theismann. The two would have been broken up by a high school prom chaperone. The whole time I stand right behind them, clearly in view with my notebook. And believe me I'm the only reporter there interested in Dan Patrick. [... more » ]
Now Tiger wants to be a course designer. What the hell is he thinking? I don't care how many courses he has played around the world. I don't care what experts he's going to consult with. I don't care how much he'll charge. Major championship victories do not equal major championship designer. [... more » ]