Golf News for Thursday, November 30, 2006
"I've been fortunate enough to travel all over the world," said Joe Wieczorek, President of The Media Group, "and I've never been anywhere as beautiful and ecologically diverse as Costa Rica." [... more » ]
Sun Mountain's Speed Cart was a revolutionary introduction in 1999. Golfers were presented with an ergonomic, foldable, three-wheeled push cart that required no assembly. For 2007, there will be four different Speed Cart models. [... more » ]
“We at Excel are thrilled by the response we received from the pros, amateurs, and celebrities out at the Re/Max World Long Drive Championship,” said Mike Herron the Business Development Manager for Excel Golf Tees, Inc. [... more » ]
"Being the Head Professional at a Jack Nicklaus Signature course is a lot to live up to, but we have the team in place to make Rocky Gap a must-play destination,” said newly appointed pro, Don Budd. [... more » ]
"With the increase in broadband penetration, online video is coming of age. As TV golf audiences fall off, online video offers a cost effective alternative to reach a much larger audience," said Managing Director Martin Hopley. [... more » ]
Old Trail Golf in Crozet, VA selects the CourseTrends Core Golf Marketing Solution to boost their Internet Marketing Revenue. Through CourseTrends' proven Internet marketing strategies, Old Trail Golf expects results. [... more » ]
Golf Gear News Host Bruce Stasch reports that Woods' Wife Sues, the Medieval City Found Under a Golf Course and John Daly to Divorce Again. The Perfect Fit explores TaylorMade-addidas attempt to Reinvent Maxfli Brand with John Daly as its star, and more. [... more » ]
TGA Atlanta and Chris's team taught over 600 kids in 2006 at 12 different schools around the metro Atlanta area. He is always looking to help local PGA Professionals with teaching opportunities. [... more » ]
Sandra Van Bergen made her 1st hole in one using the new salmon colored crystal golf ball playing the Creek Course at Heron Creek Golf and Country Club in North Port, Florida where she's a member. [... more » ]
Instead of taking lessons to improve or playing more than twice a month, Mr. Gullible wants the club to do the work. Just think, at $125/lesson, he could have 16 lessons with a pro and still have money left over to buy that Callaway FT-i on eBay three months later for only $299. [... more » ]
Before his death, Christopher Reeve visited the course, thanking Erich Sollenberger and his students for building a course that he could play. He challenged Sollenberger to a game when the course was complete – a challenge that was left unfulfilled. [... more » ]