Golf News for Friday, November 3, 2006
During his recent trip to Scotland, Brandon Tucker had a chance to find out just how hard it is to get on the Old Course. The results are surprisingly easy. John Stewart of the Links Trust tells listeners everything you need to know about getting a tee time on the prestigious Old Course. [... more » ]
“Joining Steve, Doug and Taylor at this stage in the development of PAHR and being able to help build it as the preeminent golf apparel brand for the lifestyle savvy athlete is a once in a lifetime opportunity," said Gilkison. [... more » ]
"Golfers now recognize the importance of using a laser rangefinder," said Steve Claude of Edwin Watts Golf. "Without a doubt, the most popular device that we carry is the Bushnell PinSeeker 1500." [... more » ]
"The Club at Paradise Ranch and Paradise Ranch Resort will certainly add to the lure of Oregon golf as a gem in Southern Oregon that no golfer will want to pass up," said Michael Zmetrovich, CEO of Trophy Golf Management. [... more » ]
"This move by Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort is indicative of what’s happening throughout the Pocono Mountains destination," said Robert Uguccioni, executive director of the Pocono Mountains Vacation Bureau, Inc. [... more » ]
"The competition at the Tour Championship is going to be intense, so my equipment has to be able to perform at a high level, and I know that my Dunning Golf Apparel will do just that,” said Zach Johnson. [... more » ]
"The courses and clubs on the Golf Digest list are all known for the kind of accommodations, amenities, service and golf experience Kingsley Club members and guests are accustomed to," said Edward Walker of The Kingsley Club. [... more » ]
"Golfers will be interested to see how P3ProSwing can help them keep their swings sharp all year ’round, in the convenience of their own homes," said Jay Russo, managing director of P3ProSwing. [... more » ]
"The auction is already live on Ebay with no reserve price,” said Mr. Anelli, president of the company. "We want to create as much excitement around the launch of our new company," he added. [... more » ]
I'm used to going to "golf destinations." St. Andrews is nothing like any of them, and is consequently the best. There's no corporate "upsell" mentality, everyone from starters to waiters are genuinely nice. It's quite "chill" if I may say. [... more » ]
I bet Davis Love III wished he'd never got out of bed after shooting 12 over, apparently his highest score to par in 21 years of playing. Yup, even worse than the 83 that sent him crashing out of the Players Championship in March. [... more » ]
"Counterfeiting is a very real problem and it is a crime. We hope that other local law enforcement agencies around the country note the success of this operation, and devote resources,” said Mr. Gingrich of Global Legal Enforcement.. [... more » ]