Golf News for Tuesday, November 28, 2006
Bruce Sizemore, Jr., chief designer for the new Sizemore Collection, discusses putter customization with podcast host Dave Berner. The Caribbean island of St. Kitts is an up-and-coming golf destination, says Tim McDonald. RonMon say to book your spring golf outing in Michigan now. [... more » ]
"We’re excited to bring our complete playing system – one that is unique in golf and made to exceed Tour player expectations – to a broader audience," said Ralph Dunning about going on-line with his products. [... more » ]
At, the leading online retailer of golf tees and other golf tee accessories, you'll find the widest possible variety of the hottest new products along with the help you need in choosing that perfect gift. [... more » ]
"PowerMAX Distance and PowerMAX Soft Distance are targeted at the type of player we call 'Long Ball Rebel,' a maverick who loves a bargain, loves golf, and loves to 'grip it and rip it'," said Bill Price, director of Maxfli Golf. [... more » ]
Daly competed at the Skins Game using a bright orange Maxfli Staff Bag and wearing a Maxfli Fire-Inspired outfit that includes adidas Golf Tour 360 Footwear with flames emblazoned on the uppers. [... more » ]
"Karen's knowledge and marketing experience within the golf industry are added assets to the diverse talents of our board" said President Penny Hulbert. "We welcome her insights and expertise." [... more » ]
Pinfire Golf has announced that Chris Baryla and Steve Marino are their Players of the Year for outstanding play on the Nationwide Tour. Both players finished top ten at the Nationwide Tour Championship. [... more » ]
"It turned out to be a very successful conference!" said Peter Mattsson, EGU Director of Coaching. "Following the positive feedback support from those who attended it is definitely my intention to repeat this event." [... more » ]
With very little time left to go before the deadline for entries expires at 12noon on December 1, golf fans are exercising their grey matter in impressive style to suggest a variety of colourful names. [... more » ]
A Florida Court of Appeals unanimously agreed with FOX News that there is no rule against distorting or falsifying the news in the U.S. What does this mean to Golfer Supremacy Rankings devotees? Well, as long as sponsors pay the bills, the truth is whatever we want it to be. [... more » ]
Fred Couples tried a putt with his wedge, replaced John Daly's ball on the green with a remote-control ball that swerved here and there. Oh, that Couples. Hilarious stuff. If you live in 1980. Which is where the Skins Game and events like it should have stayed. [... more » ]