Golf News for Wednesday, November 22, 2006
"This acquisition is very strategic. It provides product diversity around a common base of customers and consumers," said Barry Schneider, CEO and majority shareholder of MacGregor Golf Company. [... more » ]
"We are very excited to enter into the second generation of our successful electric golf push cart product line introducing many additional innovative features," said Peter Hanneforth, President of Bat-Caddy. [... more » ]
"Reception to the programme has been very well received and sales are show strong sales growth across key states across the US," said Tom Armitage, Vice President of Sales for Glenbrae Golf apparel company.. [... more » ]
With the help of Hi-Tec's revolutionary patented CDT technology, Padraig Harrington beat Tiger Woods to win this year's Dunlop Phoenix Tournament in Japan. Harrington has been involved in the development of the CDT technology. [... more » ]
"I started wearing it back in April because it looks cool and I love the look," said Julieta Granada. "However, it helped me play pain free and with consistent energy, which kept my game steady throughout the golf season." [... more » ]
"This is a great victory for Champ and our partners at Hi-Tec," said Harris MacNeill, President, Champ Spikes. "The spikes we designed and make for Hi-Tec are the culmination of a cooperative effort." [... more » ]
With 150 victories compared to 27 for the nearest competitor, Titleist was once again, the overwhelming choice of more players and more champions across the worldwide major professional tours. [... more » ]
"All of us at Antigua are extremely proud of our long-standing relationship with The PGA of America, and we look forward to many more years of service to PGA Professionals," said Ron McPherson, president and CEO of the Antigua Group Inc. [... more » ]
"Adding Justin Padjen to the Graphite Design team will enhance the company’s relationships with Original Equipment Manufacturers while streamlining operations," said Akio Karashima, CEO of Graphite Design. [... more » ]
"The broadband revolution has paved way for some amazing innovations in the sports media industry," said Lenny Daniels, senior VP of sports production and new media, Turner Sports. "Our Pipeline technology is one of those rare, hole-in-one applications." [... more » ]
A reader wrote recently that he was considering putting together a golf trip to Biloxi. He wanted to know if he would look like a fool for trying to arrange a trip to Biloxi for 12 people. No, you won't. The truth is, most of the golf courses in the Biloxi area are back in business. [... more » ]
I know there are a few Golfers that are saying – “Marc, I try a new tip from time to time, but if it doesn’t work to help me hit the ball better – I just stop using it. So, I’m only working on one tip at a time.” Unfortunately that’s not true. [... more » ]