Golf News for Thursday, November 2, 2006
"As ClubCorp's new CEO, Eric Affeldt will employ KSL's successful hands-on methods of managing and expanding enterprises in order to increase both member and shareholder value," said Michael S. Shannon of KSL. [... more » ]
The release of the classic golf instruction that will be available to Golf Illustrated University “students” coincides with the release of instructor Tom Bertrand’s book, “The Secret of Hogan’s Swing.” [... more » ]
"Desert Willow wanted the best GPS system available, and that’s why they replaced their competitive GPS system with our new INOVA integrated dashview GPS and car control solution," said Glenn A. Pierce, Jr., UpLink president. [... more » ]
"This test helps further validate The Right Touch and its effectiveness. Not only did we receive their approval but realized our convictions were confirmed," said Jesse Moussa, Camp Moose Golf Vice President and Inventor. [... more » ]
"People don’t want to buy the drug store reading glasses that their grand parents wear. They are looking for something more hip, more fashionable," said Marcel Schiro, VP Sales and Marketing of Callaway Golf Eyewear. [... more » ]
Steve Mona joins 24 others listed in Golf Inc.'s magazine for the month of October 2006 issue, including previous GCSAA Old Tom Morris Award recipients Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Tim Finchem. [... more » ]
“The beauty of working with OGIO is the sales team has a direct influence in product development,” said Harris. “Having a green grass background, I want to help develop products that will add to our incredible line." [... more » ]
The Canon Businesswoman of the Year Award recognizes an EWGA member who has shown exemplary business leadership, entrepreneurial spirit and expert business acumen in achieving success on and off the golf course. [... more » ]
This amateur golf event, to be held in Las Vegas, is focused on non-NCAA university recreational golfers who participated in one of 40 local qualifying tournaments held across the United States this fall. [... more » ]
The advance of Nike's four new putters – Tiempo, Retro, Techno, and Neo, says the company, is the fact that the putter head and putter shaft are forged from one unitary piece of metal. The idea is to have no interruption in frequency from putter face all the way up to the pistol grip. [... more » ]
I love the quiet solitude of the game if I am playing by myself late in the evening and watching the shadows drape the course, and I love the fact I can completely put aside the chaos of business, politics, war and money the minute I step on the tee. [... more » ]