Golf News for Thursday, November 16, 2006
"The V2 High Launch is another great step forward in Tour-proven Proforce Tip Technology to now create a higher launch angle for golfers needing a slightly higher trajectory," said Gene Simpson, VP for UST. [... more » ]
"There's a huge segment of players who desperately want the distance-enhancing benefits of a draw, but who can't turn the ball over no matter how hard they try," said Sean Toulon, TaylorMade Executive Vice President. [... more » ]
"It's a clear indication that the traditional iron set is a thing of the past. Hybrids and hybrid iron sets are the present and the future, and we're very proud to be the industry leader," said Chip Brewer, Adams Golf CEO and President. [... more » ]
Kevin has a handicap, he is legally blind, and after a friend gave him a flash yellow Volvik Crystal to try he notice he could see the ball easier. Kevin has been playing golf for a few years and has tried other balls on the market. [... more » ]
"As the company continues to evolve and create more outstanding products these are definitely the right people to take it to the next level," said Jim Sutter, founder of the Great Divider Golf Bag company. [... more » ]
"It is the most versatile training device I have ever used, and proved invaluable in the lead up to my victory in the U.S. Open," said 2006 U.S. Open and World Match Play Champion, Geoff Ogilvy, about the Leaderboard. [... more » ]
"We wanted to target areas of the golf world that Puma consumers are interested in. These products are designed help them fulfill their 'play the world' approach to the sport," said Antonio Bertone of Puma. [... more » ]
Host Bruce Stasch reports at The Newstand that Norman Buys Controlling Interest in McGregor, Hockey Player Gets Hole in One and Callaway's New Online Concept. Hear about a Super Expensive Putter from Japan, and much much more. [... more » ]
"Our goal was to bring the leaders of the industry together to talk about the most important topics that affect all of us. We did that," said Gary Shea, executive director of the ING Regional Seminar, of the success. [... more » ]
"Everyone at SeeMore is ecstatic about and impressed with Vaughn’s outstanding accomplishments this season," said Jim Grundberg, Managing Director of SeeMore Golf, about the leading putter. [... more » ]
If Tiger wants to make an impact on the design business equal to the impact he has had on the game, he needs to go in the opposite direction of Jack - he needs to involve himself in far fewer projects, but become deeply involved in the projects he does accept ala Crenshaw and Doak. [... more » ]
So BlackBerry Thumb is now an official work place malady? Why do I think there had to be a band of chiropractors behind this? This makes carpal tunnel syndrome - that other ridiculous supposed working malady - look like lupus by comparison. [... more » ]