Golf News for Monday, October 9, 2006
Golf Channel reporter Matt Adams talks about his new book, "Fairways of Life." Noted course designer Ron Garl says South America is a booming golf market. "There's a great opportunity in the whole Caribbean basin," Garl says. And hear from's blogging contest winner. [... more » ]
"This event is just a small way for us to show our appreciation to all the people who have helped us get where we are today,"said Sean Sheppard, president of Magique Golf. "We certainly didn’t do it alone." [... more » ]
"I'm looking forward to coming back to The Preserve," said Paul Simson, last year's winner and one of the favorites to repeat. "You have to keep the ball in the right place on the greens - it's a shot maker's course." [... more » ]
"Chuck is the best I've ever seen at getting into a market, educating them on a product, and providing outstanding service," said Bill Bales. "Chuck will meet our very high expectations for AboutGolf Lab Technologies." [... more » ]
"It's great to have two wins with a new club right out of the box," said Bob Gotfredson, Sonartec vp. "People on tour think this might be the best fairway metal we have ever developed, which is saying a great deal." [... more » ]
Greatness still comes in small packages, nine holes at a time, as evidenced in Anthony Pioppi's new book, To the Nines. Pioppi has become a leading authority on the history and architectural features of nine-hole courses. [... more » ]
"The Summit will be more than just two days of in-depth seminars. We will mix our instruction program with some good old-fashioned Las Vegas fun," said Butch Harmon, son of former Masters Champion Claude Harmon. [... more » ]
Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort, the premier resort destination on Northwest Florida's Gulf Coast, will feature an animated schedule of traditional holiday celebrations and festivals this holiday season. [... more » ]
Terrell Owens shouldn't be any more responsible for Drew Bledsoe possessing all the mobility of one of those sports statues outside all the new stadiums than Tiger is for the fact Phil Mickelson, Mr. 0-4-1, remembered how to gag at the U.S. Open and hasn't recovered yet. [... more » ]
Who doesn't love happy endings? Probably those frustrated souls that pumped more than £70,000 on Eric Axley at odds-on as he took a three-stroke lead into the last six or so holes. It must have seemed like money for old rope. Unfortunately, the rope turned into a noose. [... more » ]
“This project is important because the information will aid the environmental performance of golf courses,” GCSAA Director of Research Clark Throssell, Ph.D., said. Funding comes from a grant from The Toro Foundation. [... more » ]
The America's WETLAND Campaign to Save Coastal Louisiana and Ducks Unlimited are joining forces on Tuesday, October 10th for a tournament at the Paragon Casino Resort's course in Marksville, Louisiana. [... more » ]