Golf News for Tuesday, October 24, 2006
PowerBilt's TPS Irons are the "middle handicapper's dream," gear guru Kiel Christianson says. Chris Baldwin talks Lake Placid there there is "a lot of unexpected golf history." And: Host Dave Berner relates the joy of giving away old clubs to help someone discover the game of golf. [... more » ]
"The Luggage Club's current trend is towards simplicity in design and functionality," Todd Kempinger, president of The Luggage Club, said. "By combining simplistic design with improved functionality, we were able to enhance the online booking experience for our customers." [... more » ]
"With the NXO CLIP-LOK and OCB-15 models joining the NXO Revolver in our cart bag line-up, Bag Boy now offers a diverse selection of premium cart bags," said Craig Ramsbottom, president, The Bag Boy Company. [... more » ]
"The vision for Rocky Gap was for the resort to spur economic development in the region, provide jobs to the community and serve guests from the Mid-Atlantic States," said Allegany County Commissioner Jim Stakem. [... more » ]
"Project X Flighted also incorporates technology that applies custom tip flex distribution to each shaft in the set generating specific shot trajectories from long irons to short irons," says Chad Hall, for True Temper Sports. [... more » ]
"It seems like he has been knocking at the door almost every week he has played. Rife Putters is proud to be a part of his emergence as one of the true stars on tour," said Matt Molloy, COO of Rife Putters. [... more » ]
"AboutGolf's simulators are an integral part of the UPMC Golf Fitness Laboratory and the total experience we provide to golfers," says Eric Schmitt, administrative director of the UPMC Golf Fitness Lab. [... more » ]
"eGolfScore's ... customer profile match very closely to those who would be interested in the golfing, skiing, hiking and fishing premium amenities at Great Brook Preserve," said Jeff Bailey, Managing Partner, LandSource, LLC. [... more » ]
"The management and staff at Whitinsville have found the Jencess system easy to use, and it has provided us with the reports we needed to run the day-to-day affairs of the golf course," said club manager Chris Hulme [... more » ]
Residents near Trump's exclusive Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach actually called Trump's monster-sized U.S. flag "unpatriotic." Look, it doesn't matter that it's 15 times the size zoning laws allow, it's the U.S. flag. There are different rules for it - and that's a good thing. [... more » ]
Joe Durant was solid as a rock Sunday. Troy Matteson was clearly running out of steam, Frank Lickliter had left himself too much to do, Davis Love was wading in treacle and Justin Rose - well he was just being Justin. As a competition it was virtually all over by the turn. [... more » ]
"Men and women serving overseas have precious little time for recreation,"said Dancin' Dogg's Russell Edens. "Now those serving who also love golf have something they’ll really enjoy during those moments when they can relax." [... more » ]