Golf News for Monday, October 23, 2006
This week's golf tip focuses on all-important chip shot. And: At the end of a round of golf there can only be one winner. Even on the publinks, when betting a $2 Nassau with your friends, it really hurts when you are the person handing out the dough. How good of a loser are you? [... more » ]
Come and learn about the advantages of the Segway x2 Golf for both golfers and golf course managers. Hear from Tiburón Golf Club management and golf pros who are offering the Segway experience at their course. [... more » ]
"Our new DVDs serve as excellent tools for all players, from novice through advanced," said golf fitness expert Katherine Roberts. "I enjoy sharing these useful breathing, strengthening and conditioning techniques." [... more » ]
"We had a similar panel discussion on the national level during our spring conference in Pinehurst and it was one of the highlights of the conference," said Mike Jamison, the executive director of the ING. [... more » ]
"On the night that we recognize achievement within the EWGA, how appropriate to have the first woman LPGA Commissioner as our keynote speaker," said the association’s CEO Pam Swensen, about the event.. [... more » ]
Andrew Wood, President, Legendary Marketing, the world's leader in golf marketing, is scheduled to give the keynote address at the upcoming Michigan Golf Business Conference and Vendor Fair in Lansing. [... more » ]
"The event has become so popular that this year we were booked two months in advance," said Jennifer Conrad, director of USGTF Membership Services. “Furthermore, Las Vegas has always been a great draw." [... more » ]
"Having this outstanding event here is another testament to the quality of the Eagle Creek golf experience," said Eagle Creek Director Of Golf Tony Crawford. "We are thrilled and proud to be hosting such an elite tournament field." [... more » ]
"The company has invested years in developing the Sizemore Collection and to watch our XM-2 being used by a legendary professional who shot two inspiring rounds of -69 and -65 was amazing," said Bruce Sizemore. [... more » ]
You thought Scotland has so many world class courses dating back to the beginning of the century or older, it doesn't need any more? Wrong. The Cameron House Hotel, a stunning five star resort on the shores of Loch Lomond north of Glasgow is getting ready to add another. [... more » ]
After watching him handle an equipment malfunction, seeing him interact with the group, and listening to him sincerely praising and supporting the other players, Craig Bowden became a player I will be pulling for in every PGA Tour event next year. [... more » ]