Golf News for Thursday, October 19, 2006
"The Luggage Club’s current trend is towards simplicity in design and functionality. By combining simplistic design with improved functionality, we were able to enhance the online booking experience," said Todd Kempinger. [... more » ]
"Our goal was to provide our residents, members and real estate customers an easy to use website that showcased the beauty of the area and the abundance of activities," said Linda Stefanick, VP at Saddle Creek. [... more » ]
"As one of the many jewel courses along the Coast to attract players from around the country, we’re also pleased to be able to offer our local players a special reopening fee," said John Chaszar. [... more » ]
"Although the Distance shoes are designed with the disc golfer in mind, their versatile hybrid design makes them a great choice for golfers, hikers and outdoor adventurers too," said Dale Bathum, Founder Bite Footwear. [... more » ]
The Golf Umbrellas design includes not only umbrellas with multi-colored canopies but small golf balls raining down as well. The tie will be available in red, orange and fairway green ground colors for Christmas. [... more » ]
"There are lots of different kinds of promotions. There are ones that entertain, ones that intrigue, ones that educate and ones that excite. They hit on all different kinds of senses," said author Ken Morton, Jr. [... more » ]
"Sean's long-standing relationships with key accounts and PGA professionals, passion for the industry and wealth of experience with premium brands make him the ideal representative to this golf-rich area," said Ralph Dunning. [... more » ]
"It’s over. That’s life and golf," Rockett said after being eliminated. "I’ve played golf all my life in all types of tournaments and for all types of money. This is more difficult than anything I have done." [... more » ]
Let it be known that Chris Baldwin's claims of being the world's "worst golf-playing golf writer" in the world are not just mindless hyperbole, like the majority of his claims. [... more » ]
I've long considered looking into a restraining order against's Willie K. Wolfrum. Sure, he looks harmless in that brooding photo that appears to have been taken in a local mall picture booth. But the man does show serious signs of obsession. [... more » ]
The company’s magnetic/ionic bracelets have taken the golf industry by storm, and the new fabric necklaces are expected to be a big hit with golfers and non-golfers alike, according to Trion:Z CEO Jim Uno. [... more » ]