Golf News for Wednesday, October 18, 2006
"This record-setting champion has used our 21 degree Md hybrid with a UST iRod shaft in all five victories. The club is the same club that can be purchased in any golf retail store," said Bob Gotfredson of Sonartec Golf. [... more » ]
The Oct. 19 event at Camp Pendleton Marine Memorial Golf Course is being organized as a way to salute active military personnel. Teams will consist of three San Diego GCSA members and one military member. [... more » ]
"Sean 'The Beast' Fister will rely on the 4-inch Zero Friction Biodegradable Golf Tee to accommodate for his oversized driver head and for less spin at impact," said Mike Herron of Excel Golf Tees, Inc. [... more » ]
"Several area clubs and golf courses have already signed on to marshal holes and a number of our corporate patrons plan to recruit employees to become involved," said Championship Co-General Chairman Dave Mona. [... more » ]
"We congratulate this week’s champion on a very strong victory with Crossline grips and a great first win," said Bob Lamkin, president and CEO of the Lamkin Corporation, about the recent accomplishment. [... more » ]
Golf Gear News host Bruce Stasch reports about Tiger Woods: Dream Endorser, Senate Awards Nelson a Medal, Bettor Loses Big on Ryder Cup, and 2nd Swing to Liquidate. And The Guru Commentary rants about how the Mitchell Golf Program is Found Lacking. [... more » ]
These courses are to be held 4 times each year at various locations throughout the United States. The first course is scheduled for Orlando, Florida, to coincide with the annual Professional Golf Expo in January. [... more » ]
"We are confident Danyl is the right person for this extremely important job. She is an accomplished athlete with tremendous communication skills and training," said Mike Herron, for Excel Golf Tees, Inc. [... more » ]
"The complimentary GolfSpan membership provides Dancin' Dogg users with access to over 500 video tips from teaching pros," said Steven Glassman, co-founder of GolfSpan, of the benefits being offered. [... more » ]
My take is that Ping got caught in a brewing PR fiasco that had to be quieted as soon as possible. Ping has had little interest in reducing their lofty pricing, but felt it was better to appease the media jackals than tell their retailers that they were wrong. [... more » ]