Golf News for Friday, January 6, 2006
"Receiving such acclaim, particularly from a golf publication as well-respected as Golf Shop is quite an honor," says Dave Scott, director of golf at Shingle Creek Golf Club. "This has been a team effort." [... more » ]
"We believe our system’s accuracy, accessibility and variety of features creates an ideal approach to swing analysis and game improvement," said Jay Russo, managing director of P3ProSwing. [... more » ]
"By allowing a golfer to apply consistent hand pressure throughout the swing, the Dual Density Torsion Control grips can provide longer, straighter shots. These grips are truly revolutionary," said Bob Lamkin, head of Lamkin Corp. [... more » ]
"This is a tremendous opportunity for Camp Moose Golf to publicly introduce the company and its two inventive products to the golf industry," said Jesse Moussa, Camp Moose Golf VP and product inventor. [... more » ]
"Our Dr. Shade gloves are designed specifically to protect the back of your hands, which are heavily exposed to the harmful effects of the sun," said Dick Swan, president and CEO of Glacier Glove. [... more » ]
Ecological Solutions will cooperate with the Environment and the Game Solution Center at the upcoming Golf Industry Show in Atlanta, while Golf Greens "Fore" U will sponsor an indoor practice range at the Playing the Game Solution Center. [... more » ]
The inaugural South African Golf Business Summit has among its objectives to examine growth patterns and sustainability of the industry and to showcase golf industry expertise and resources in South Africa. [... more » ]
“Chef Paul’s extensive culinary background as well as food and beverage operation management experience will allow Forewinds to continue building our brand," said Ron Winarick, managing director of Forewinds Hospitality. [... more » ]
The Global Village travel agency in Nairobi, Kenya, offers hotel bookings for golfers from all over the world who are participating in the Tusker Kenya Open Championship to be held at Karen Country Club in March 2006. [... more » ]
What's the biggest difference between college football and golf? I think it's all about the kids. Golf at least makes an effort at trying to keep the game attractive to youth, with all its various youth programs. College football does everything to prevent young fans from getting into the game. [... more » ]
At the same tender age, a young Tiger Woods was answering questions about his goals with a Terminator-esque: "I intend to win more majors than Jack Nicklaus." Tiger's going to accomplish his goal. Michelle can't even decide what her goal is. [... more » ]