Golf News for Tuesday, January 31, 2006
Joining forces will benefit Westchase in many ways, stated Crown Golf Properties President Dave Fairman together with Nick Neubauer, president of Sano Corp., which closed on the Westchase purchase and brought in Crown Golf. [... more » ]
The CEO Golf Challenge program includes a CEO Golf Challenge tournament, deluxe private accommodations, a Pro-Am tournament with PGA Tour pros and much-coveted badges to the Masters. [... more » ]
The 2006 Junior Ryder Cup will take place Sept. 18-19 in Wales. The U.S. Junior Ryder Cup Team will consist of six boys and six girls who are U.S. citizens and are class of 2007 high school students or younger. [... more » ]
"With conventional materials [titanium], the faces can't be made flat enough. They would cave in at impact. Our driver face is a lot flatter. If you hit it on the clubface, it's coming back to the fairway," said Howard Butler, E21's designer. [... more » ]
"The first-class convention center setting combined with the proximity to the acclaimed Bali Hai Golf Club and many top hotel accommodations provides the ideal Las Vegas venue for the industry to gather," said Ed Several, PGA Golf Exhibitions VP. [... more » ]
"A couple can come here for a relaxing, romantic getaway and enjoy the gorgeous nature setting and gourmet meals, celebrate at the all-inclusive Valentine’s Dinner & Dance, and never have to leave the property," said Laura Rippy, general manager at Pawleys Plantation. [... more » ]
How would you like to spend your vacation in the surroundings of Rio de Janeiro for the biggest party of the year with some of the Green Bay Packers most famous past and present players. Take part in golf and fishing activities over the course of a week in the sunshine of Rio. [... more » ]
There are a surprisingly large number of venues out there that offer a wide and interesting range of accommodations with a choice of golf-break options, and they are happy to assist with or arrange your golfing vacation. [... more » ]
"Hottest Female Athlete of the Year" voting will take place on's Page 2. The only problem I believe we'll have is that, due to ESPN's endless tinkering, their entire Web site is one huge, steaming pile of dung. [... more » ]
I love these yahoos we have blogging here who chalk up the latest Woods victory to his opposition folding or some cosmic intervention. Can we stop trying to discount Tiger's greatness? Just enjoy it while you can. [... more » ]
"Drive, Chip & Putt is a positive, fun experience for kids regardless of their golf experience. It’s open to any and all, free of charge, and provides a great day of activities," said John Hildenbiddle, Mutual of Omaha senior VP. [... more » ]