Golf News for Thursday, January 26, 2006
"SAM PuttLab is the most compelling and useful technology to enter the golf market in 20 years, and we are well positioned to help Science & Motion capitalize on their contribution to the golf industry," said Mike Olsen, president of Sentient Sports. [... more » ]
"We've spent seven years fine-tuning strategies and methods to increase revenue at golf courses," said Mike Last, head of, "Now it's time to expand our efforts to tackle the expense side of the equation at the course level." [... more » ]
Augusta National and Ocean Forest Golf Club are the top golf courses in Georgia as announces the latest entry in its ongoing series of stories ranking the top-10 golf courses of several diverse golfing destinations. [... more » ]
"Jesse’s new OLA driver is the epitome of exceptional craftsmanship, and the design accommodates the needs of competitive and noncompetitive golfers," said Walter Rosenthal, CEO of the Bobby Jones Golf Company. [... more » ]
Adams Golf won the Darrell Survey "wood count" at the opening Champions Tour event, the MasterCard Championship. The company also rated the #2 Hybrid on the PGA, Champions and Nationwide tours this past week. [... more » ]
Lewis will be responsible for overseeing all grounds maintenance and operations at the Cottonwood Hills Golf Club in Hutchinson, Kansas, a new 18-hole golf facility scheduled to open in the spring of 2006. [... more » ]
"Our premium fabrics and distinctive design elements coupled with the Buzz Off Insect Shield technology and Imperial's brand power create the ultimate solution for outdoor golf enthusiasts," said Dean Norman, executive VP of Gold Toe Brands. [... more » ]
"With the vintage-freshness of City Luxe, the sumptuous sophistication of Nouveau Riche and the holiday inspiration of Caravalle, there’s something for everyone," golf and leisurewear designer Linda Hipp says of LIJA's fall 2006 collection. [... more » ]
More than 7,000 listeners from 38 countries have already downloaded GOLF SMARTER podcasts. Reviews submitted by listeners to iTunes have all raved about this unique golf program. [... more » ]
With the purchase of Inniscrone Golf Club by Hartefeld's parent company, Forewinds Hospitality, Hartefeld is another step closer to reaching its aim of privatizing its golf services. The club is now launching its 2006 membership programs. [... more » ]
Sure, some of the big stars have been missing so far this season, and it's possible that Champbell will come back to earth soon. Not likely, but possible. But regardless, let us not ignore Chad Campbell any longer. [... more » ]
Mulligan is one of the golf bloggers looking back at the Bob Hope Classic. Or, more precisely, looking at ABC's salacious coverage of it. I suppose Mulligan didn't get the press release about Nick Faldo and Nicollette Sheridan's new TV show, "Desperate Golf Wives." [... more » ]