Golf News for Tuesday, January 24, 2006
"We designed The Classic Club to have a unique look for the desert," said Victoria Martz of Palmer Course Design. "It features a variety of playable hazards that are both beautiful and intimidating." [... more » ]
The r7 Steel was created for players who want Moveable Weight Technology (MWT) in a more compact and traditionally shaped fairway wood, while the r7 Ti was created for players who want MWT in a larger, more forgiving clubhead. [... more » ]
"The golf equipment industry is aware that Nippon Shaft takes pains to maintain the highest standards," said Hiroyuki Fukuda, head of Nippon Shaft USA's office. "These high standards translate into better equipment." [... more » ]
"Golf is growing in our area of the world. We see the Tour Golf line of products allowing us to better serve the needs of clubmakers and golfers in the coming years," said Tony Huxtable of Star Hill Golf Club, distributor for Tour Golf Products in Malaysia. [... more » ]
Golf Magazine will conduct an open casting call on Feb. 25 for its new nationally televized TV reality game show, the St. Joseph Pressure Challenge, which is scheduled to air on CBS in May and will offer a $250,000 grand prize. [... more » ]
"These students have learned the skills necessary for performing re-shafting, re-gripping, loft/lie adjustments and all repair techniques for today’s modern golf clubs," said Paul Bessler, PGA golf professional and director of instruction for Mitchell Golf Equipment Institute. [... more » ]
Cruisin' USA's line of golf trophies features classic 1950s pin-up girls translated into hand-painted polyresin figurines. The images are also available on towels, retro button-up shirts and T-shirts. [... more » ]
"Puma Golf is thrilled to be making our first appearance at the PGA Merchandise Show," said Bob Philion, golf business unit manager. "We're excited to show the golf community our interpretation of golf: stylish, fun, colorful and for everyone. [... more » ]
Matthew McConaughey is the man who was arrested for smoking pot while playing the bongos naked as a jailbird. For the life of me, I cannot understand why the PGA Tour insists on having celebrities in PGA tournaments. [... more » ]
Is it Duval's right to try to dodge reporters in a parking lot? Sure. But it makes him loom as a big phony. He could have stood there, answered questions and been done with it. Instead he had to play the beleaguered athlete when, in reality, no one's been given a bigger free pass than him. [... more » ]
Four more victories by players using Titleist golf balls this week advances Titleist's worldwide win count to eight, four times more than the nearest competitor with two wins. [... more » ]