Golf News for Monday, January 23, 2006
"Before the rule change, golfers had to remove loose impediments by hand which was a time-taking chore. Now, the golfer can sweep them away in short order without affecting the pace of play," said Steve Wicklas, CEO of Putt Pal USA. [... more » ]
"Due to its unique design, once secured in the ground by its stake, the Range Pro Golf Tee will allow one to hit golf balls repeatedly, without having to replace it like the 'conventional tee,' " said Nick Lipidarov, vice president of Advance Tech One. [... more » ]
"The eCoaching Technology and Dartfish combination offers instructors an optimum way to enhance their earning power while retaining students for the long term," said Marc Matoza, president of eCoaching Technology. [... more » ]
"My goal is to build a solid company and concentrate our efforts on the junior and ladies markets" said Greg Nelson. "I'm committed to taking the company to a leadership position in both of these categories." [... more » ]
"Our successful business relationship with Range Servant is attributed to their stellar reputation in the golf range marketplace. As a result, we are able to attract and place experienced golf reps in their open territories," said Dawn Schlesinger, president of [... more » ]
"OGIO has always been proud to call Utah home. We’re committed to helping the State’s economy through job creation, and by encouraging tourism to this, the greatest open-sky sporting venue the in the nation," said OGIO CEO Michael J. Pratt [... more » ]
“The addition of launch angle to the swing data already in place in P3ProSwing gives players, instructors and now clubfitters a more comprehensive understanding of individual swings," said Jay Russo, managing director of P3ProSwing. [... more » ]
"The r7 460 was created to deliver tremendous distance, forgiveness and accuracy to players who prefer a very large head and deep face, whether they're tour pros or high handicappers," said Todd Beach of TaylorMade. [... more » ]
The PGA Tour's announcement this week that Ty Votaw had been hired as VP seemed to lack some of the tour's usual bluster. Maybe because reported last July that Votaw and commissioner Tim Finchem had worked out this deal. [... more » ]
So while lobbyists are busy falling on swords for their meal tickets and politicians and their supporters are either blaming the system or excitedly pointing fingers at their opponents, the Times has put it all together -- golf is the problem. [... more » ]
"We invite golfers, distributors, retailers and clubmakers to join us in this effort. When you regrip your clubs with Lamkin, you select the company with a head for innovation and a heart for hope," said Bob Lamkin, company president and CEO. [... more » ]