Golf News for Monday, January 16, 2006
"With the combined force of Amerella's resources and Firethorn Golf's industry expertise, we are moving rapidly into new channels of distribution and will roll out a fresh and inspiring ladies' golf apparel collection," said Allan Ghetler, Firethorn president. [... more » ]
"Our first Superstore in Roswell, Ga., has been a tremendous success, prompting us to expand into a second and third location in the Atlanta area," said Bill Hamlin, CEO of Golf & Tennis Pro Shop, Inc. (GTPS). [... more » ]
"Trion:Z will first address the golf industry, capitalizing on the network of 3,900 Sonartec retailers and Pro Shops across the U.S., and later expand to other markets," said Jim Uno, vice president of Sonartec. [... more » ]
The new general manager of Heritage Isles Golf & Country Club, Gene Blum, has more than 15 years of country club experience and has been actively involved in the Club Manager’s Association of America. [... more » ]
The fact is mid-line golf balls now are far better than top end golf balls made only a few years ago and are actually the best balls for your average golfer. No longer does a golfer have to spend a lot of money just to get the ball that suits their game. [... more » ]
These hilarious animal head covers -- not the heads of the animals, but the other end -- are designed to protect the club and shaft while bringing humor to the game. The animals look like they dove into the bag. [... more » ]
"Oversize drivers call for oversize golf tees. The natural progression of the Zero Friction brand leads us to the 3 ¼ version," said Mike Herron, business development manager for Excel Golf Tee. [... more » ]
"After using the Clubface Assistant I can truly say it is a great training aid. It really helps you recognise the face angle as well as giving you a great feel for the club during the swing," said golf professional Paul Wilson. [... more » ]
"I was actually the first person to completely submerge this scorecard and then write and erase scores while the water was still dripping from the card. It’s amazing and it’s a no-brainer!" said Jeff Brinegar, golf pro at Bandon Dunes. [... more » ]
My take on all this is that Michelle Wie has undeniable talent. Even her biggest critics must admit that a 16 year old shooting 68 under PGA Tour conditions is sensational. If she can do it once, there is a CHANCE she will one day make a PGA Tour cut. [... more » ]
And to think, Duval didn't even birdie the accessible eighteenth, which might have put him into the top-20 for the first time in forever. Imagine what he'll do when he gets on home turf in FLA!! [... more » ]