Golf News for Thursday, January 12, 2006
The Square Stroke system's grip and putter design "will definitely make golf an easier game and provide a more satisfying and enjoyable golf experience for everybody. It might even help Tiger," said Dr. Richard Ferris, Macro Golf founder. [... more » ]
The Cyberstar Nanospeed Driver features cutting-edge Dual Nanoscale Technology in the head and shaft, which works to increase clubhead speed to help golfers of all levels drive the ball farther and straighter. [... more » ]
An advanced golf-club specification called Waggle Weight is a modernization of swingweight, which has gone unchanged since the 1930’s. It "can aid in genuine swing improvement for golfers," said Bill Kostuj, Waggle Weight founder. [... more » ]
"The Green Friendly Golf Belt is the first of a series of essential golf accessories to be offered by the company," said Rick Schad, a lifelong golfer and graphic designer who originally conceived the Green Friendly Golf Belt. [... more » ]
SoloRider will also display a new seat system for driving ranges and rehab hospitals that will facilitate teaching mobility impaired golfers to swing from a seated or standing position. [... more » ]
Platinum Golf Properties has recruited Derek Nannen, one of Arizona's top instructors, to teach at the new Platinum Golf Academy, in Fountain Hills, which will offer golf schools, clinics, outings and lessons. [... more » ]
"2006 should be a great year for our customers. Never before have we introduced so many new models," said Wayne Lin, CEO of Tour Golf. "The new catalogue will be to our customers by early February." [... more » ]
The National Golf Coaches Association (NGCA) inducted John Crooks (Coach) and Leta Lindley and Michele Redman (Players) into the NGCA Hall of Fame at a banquet on Jan. 10, 2006 in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. [... more » ]
There are little signs the game isn't as healthy as Tim Finchem tries to lead us to believe. Yes, he signed six-year deals with NBC, CBS and the Golf Channel, but ABC and ESPN walked. Not interested. Face it, the numbers are flat. [... more » ]
John Daly is getting the one divorce no one ever expected. He's splitting with Hooters. So there go the days of the big hitter who's wasted more talent than any athlete since Mickey Mantle shilling for big breasts and chicken wings. [... more » ]