Golf News for Tuesday, January 10, 2006
"The fact that the r7 425 is the top-ranked driver model in its PGA Tour debut says a lot about this driver's performance, and is a testament to our commitment to creating better and better performing golf clubs," said Chuck Presto, VP of TaylorMade-adidas. [... more » ]
Titleist Pro V1x loyalist Vijay Singh posted a runner-up finish at the season-opening Mercedes Championships, while Pro V1 player Vaughn Taylor improved his score each day and full-line Titleist Staff player Lucas Glover recorded the first hole-in-one at the Championships since 1999. [... more » ]
"It’s a thrill for an architect to get one course mentioned on the list, let alone two,” said Michael Benkusky. “It’s rewarding to say the least." [... more » ]
"Lamkin’s newest golf grip technologies are often hard to describe with just text alone, so we thought it would be helpful to many of our customers to see exactly what technology and research goes in to their grips," said Bob Lamkin, head of Lamkin. [... more » ]
"Effective short game improvement can only be achieved through the finest technology and quality, combined with custom fitting, so making our V-SOLE wedge available to PCS members creates the perfect combination," said Terry Koehler, president of Eidolon. [... more » ]
Pellucid’s measure of Golf Playable Hours (GPH) was 4.6% higher in December 2005 than in December 2004, and the full-year weather comparison remained in positive territory, with GPH up 1.6% for 2005. [... more » ]
"We invite everybody to come out and meet Sean 'The Beast' Fister. He is a world renowned legend of the long ball in golf but is also a genuinely one of the good guys in golf,"said Mike Herron, business development manager for Excel Golf Tee. [... more » ]
The Space Coast has emerged as one of the hottest golf destinations in the nation. In addition to great championship golf courses, you also have casino cruise ships, great restaurants, night life and 72 miles of pristine coastline. [... more » ]
"This is a fun, playable course with superb conditioning. We’re confident the public will continue to enjoy this fine course when we re-open this Spring," said Ron Winarick, managing director of Forewinds Hospitality. [... more » ]
Nike’s new SasQuatch driver has received a lot of hype, which always makes me suspicious. But the weird-looking squashed clubhead and neon-yellow sole are extremely easy to square up. Based on testing so far, the SasQuatch is the real deal. [... more » ]
I’m a sucker for Stuart Appleby. He lost his wife after six years of marriage, then remarried and has a baby, plus has another one on the way. Now that’s drama far better than anything Desperate Housewives can dish up. [... more » ]