Golf News for Thursday, September 8, 2005
"I'm humbled by the honor. I have never set out to receive any accolades, and to be considered to this level by your peers and be in the same Hall is very special," said PGA Honorary President M.G. Orender. [... more » ]
"Anyone who loves to play the game of golf has at one time envisioned themselves putting their skills to the ultimate test against the best in the sport," said tournament director Andy Batkin. [... more » ]
"Our season-long success that has truly validated our claim as the number one biodegradable performance golf tee on Tour," said Evolve Golf CEO BJ Maloy. [... more » ]
"I hit a lot of really good iron shots like that this week. I had a lot of confidence in my ball striking, with the driver and with the irons, and was able to maneuver the ball very well," said Olin Browne. [... more » ]
In addition to being the top choice in golf balls at the U.S. Amateur, Titleist was also the favorite among more players in the driver, fairway metal, iron, utility iron, wedge and putter categories. [... more » ]
“We’ve tried to capture the emotion and excitement of Spring with four distinct and dynamic collections.The pieces offer a mix of urban and resort sophistication," said designer Linda Hipp. [... more » ]
According to my source on the ground, players were given some high-quality goodie-bags filled with Canon digital cameras, custom-made diamond bracelets, spa days, and more. What is this, Oprah’s Favorite Things? [... more » ]
Apparently, some of you redneck NASCAR fans took offense at being called rednecks. No need to get your Confederate flags in a bunch, however. I'm always ready to take on a challenge and see if I might be wrong. [... more » ]
“We are celebrating one of the most anticipated events in women’s golf, but at the same time, thousands upon thousands of Americans are enduring inconceivable tragedy,” said tournament director Kelly Hyne, [... more » ]
“As a community, everyone has been very focused on raising funds for the much-needed relief effort on the Gulf Coast," said Roger Farwell, President and CEO of Tempus Resorts International. [... more » ]
"We're very pleased with this year's results and having the opportunity to contribute to such a worthy cause," siad Larry Davis, PMAC Invitational Golf Tournament Chairman. [... more » ]