Golf News for Friday, September 30, 2005
“Tour Golf has been in business under the same ownership for over 21 years. The addition of internet ordering brings us up-to-date with our internet savvy customers,” said Wayne Lin, CEO. [... more » ]
"The multiple synergies that exist between the two companies really make this the logical next step in our business," siad Chris Mulvihill, founder, Tee Time King, Inc. [... more » ]
"Custom clubs available from Big Bang, SMT, Alpha, AccuFlex, Fujikura and many more. Choose heads, shafts, irons and grips to have a better score in your game," said a company annoucement. [... more » ]
"It was our intention, with the help of the Fazio design team, to create a more challenging hole, creating a high risk-reward decision for the player as he concludes his round," said Herb Moore, director of golf at The Grand. [... more » ]
“Based on the overwhelmingly positive customer response at our Roswell store, we’re developing an even-better shopping experience at the larger Kennesaw store,” said Bill Hamlin, CEO of GTPS. [... more » ]
"Night Golfing is held on holes 1, 2, 12, and 18 on the Pines golf course directly adjacent to the hotel. The entrance fee is only $100 per person, runs around 2-3 hours in length," said a resort release. [... more » ]
What do you say, Baldwin? Obviously you're a big believer in the power of the pink, going so far as tailing Creamer around the golf course. Care to step up to the tee and quiet down this Nugent (and your other detractors)? [... more » ]
At least come up with a bet that actually ties in to the point: Paula Creamer will always be better than Michelle Wie. This will be measured by the number of tournaments each wins over their respective careers, especially majors. [... more » ]
"This study is a great example of quantifying the positive value of golf's economic impact and demonstrates the power of cooperation when organizations in golf join together," said GCSAA President Timothy T. O’Neill, CGCS. [... more » ]
"There were never more than a few hundred extras on set at a time during the shoot, yet the climactic tournament near the end of the film required a sea of onlookers," said Dennis Berardi, visual effects supervisor for the film. [... more » ]
“This forum will enhance communications and provide assistance to those members who are facing clean up conditions,” said GCSAA President Timothy T. O’Neill, CGCS. [... more » ]