Golf News for Wednesday, September 21, 2005
"Having three of Kauai's five golf-destination partners rated among the very best golf resorts in the world is worth its weight in gold," said Sue Kanoho, executive director of the Kaua'i Visitors Bureau. [... more » ]
"Nearly a century of puzzlement concerning the application of that proven, yet mysterious golf club parameter is finally put to rest," said golf pro Bill Kostuj. [... more » ]
¨The VS Tee has high functionality, conforms with the USGA rules and is the world's first spring loaded golf tee,¨ said a company release. [... more » ]
"ISISPORT is on the cutting edge of golf and lifestyle fashion. We dare to be different and are raising the style bar in women’s golf and lifestyle apparel," remarked Karen Miller, CEO, ISISPORT. [... more » ]
"A lot of business gets done on the golf course, and our agreement with The PGA of America underscores how powerful the partnership of business and golf can be," said Ryan Vero, CMO for OfficeMax. [... more » ]
"John is a great young player with an exceptional future. SFX Golf is very pleased to be representing and managing John's career," said Terry Reilly of SFX Golf. [... more » ]
“It is always exciting and I am honored to be part of major PGA Tour events in Europe,” said Mike "The Golf Doctor" Calbot. [... more » ]
The worst kept secret in golf -- that Michelle Wie's first tournament as a pro will be the Samsung World Championship starting Oct. 13 -- is long past rumor stage. [... more » ]
The first round of LPGA Q school sectional qualifiers, all 72 holes of it, has begun. A field of 190 hopefuls will grind it out in their sectionals, aiming for one of those top 30 spots that will move along to the final qualifying tourney. [... more » ]
“Golf in particular is a sport that puts individuals at risk for too much sun exposure, as you’re out there five or six hours at a time,” said David Leadbetter. [... more » ]
"It has been another successful year in terms of participation and funds raised for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation," said Jeff Thompson managing director of the RCGA women's division. [... more » ]