Golf News for Monday, August 8, 2005
"We had the course at championship level earlier this year. Our challenge was to keep it there. To do that ... nothing has been left to chance," said Baltusrol Golf Club Director of Grounds Mark Kuhns. [... more » ]
"The course is challenging, but fair. There is a lot of variety so that not one type of player has an advantage, which is what we need on the tour now," David Toms said. [... more » ]
"The A-1 is the next step in our goal to provide golfers what they want – a putter that looks great, feels great and helps them make more putts of all lengths,” Heavy Putter President Steve Boccieri said. [... more » ]
"Accra Tour Steel is the only stepped steel shaft that can be truly fitted to ball flight as well as flex, weight, and length," said Gawain Robertson, co-owner of PGMC (the Accra management group). [... more » ]
Jeff Gallatin, the man behind Pro Club Cleaner reports that J.R. seams to be getting pretty familiar with the Washington D.C. area as they travel there once again to make their latest delivery. [... more » ]
"The design of the new CG11, combined with the benefits of CMM metal, makes it the most technologically advanced wedge that Cleveland Golf has ever made," said Greg Hopkins, president/CEO of Cleveland Golf. [... more » ]
Bob Cousy, Boston Celtic legend and member of the Basketball Hall of Fame will serve as the honorary chairman for this milestone in the tournament’s history. [... more » ]
"When I first learned of the break-in, I thought the robber must have dreamed of being a Ryder Cup Captain," said Jeff Herold, President, West Coast Trends. [... more » ]
"Marriott Golf has been an important partner to EZLinks since 1997, and we are always excited to help them find new, innovative ways to increase service and value for their loyal customers," said EZLinks CEO Andy Weeks [... more » ]
You know, Bobby Jones never turned pro. By Lopez’s standards, I guess it would’ve been unfair to Walter Hagen to pick Jones for the Ryder Cup Matches, blogger Jennifer Mario writes. [... more » ]
I wonder if Chris Baldwin will be watching, blogger Mark Nessmith writes. More likely, he'll be in the basement admiring his own golf swing in front of a mirror. [... more » ]