Golf News for Wednesday, August 3, 2005
Michael Cervenak "is a well connected and recognized leader in the golf industry and we welcome him to our team," said William Keogh, president and founder of BrightStar Golf Group. [... more » ]
England's James Morrison, James Mason and Robert Steele seek to extend England's success in the 54-hole Finnish Open Amateur Championship at Helsinki Golf Club. [... more » ]
E-commerce tools are one of the easiest ways to create new revenue streams there is. Place a link to your E-commerce pages on your website and in your e-mail blasts. [... more » ]
Vijay Singh, who also captured the 1998 PGA Championship, is part of a 64-player delegation representing 21 countries - both Championship international records. [... more » ]
David Feherty relives his memories of the 1991 Ryder Cup Matches and offers his views on why the Americans keep losing, and names the funniest players on the PGA Tour. [... more » ]
"We’re very excited for Akira drivers and irons to receive the published recognition of professional golfers in the international golf community," said Mike Matheny, president of Eastern Golf Company. [... more » ]
"With their solid titanium structure, these irons are extremely hot on impact and generate a very accurate, ultra-high launch angle for greater distance," said Mike Matheny, president of Maruman Golf USA. [... more » ]
"Are you man enough to Swing Pink? That's what we'll be asking the guys on the Nationwide and PGA Tour when we roll out this shaft in August," said Jody Baucom, president of AccuFLEX Golf. [... more » ]
"Springmaid is the ideal headquarters for World Am players," said GM Tim Patterson. "So we’re offering a special rate ... in the hope that once they discover Springmaid Beach, they’ll return each year." [... more » ]
Sports already has enough narrow-minded, career-obsessed athletes; what we need is a few more with Mickelson's perspective, writes blogger Doug Carey. [... more » ]