Golf News for Monday, August 29, 2005
“The MP-60 will give golfers more control over their game by providing the perfect combination of forgiveness and workability,” said Dick Lyons, GM of USA Golf Division. [... more » ]
“Travis has been one of the driving forces behind Pride’s success in the Canadian marketplace,” said Dan Tilton, Vice President, Pride Sports Group. [... more » ]
"Not only are we supporting a great industry association, we are backing an organization that is solely dedicated to cultivating Birmingham as a hub for business," said Andy Benefield of LandAmerica. [... more » ]
"GPS Industries' advertising network represents a unique way to invite consumers within the golfing community to continue their competition online," said PartyGaming's head of marketing, Sanjay Balakrishnan. [... more » ]
"The COW will provide the additional capacity needed to provide the level of quality service our customers expect from us," said Michael Malenich of Verizon Wireless New England. [... more » ]
"Two months ago, this was soil — no grass, it's hard to believe," said designer Algie Pulley as he gestured to the Bermuda grass stretching into the distance. [... more » ]
The P3Pro utilizes a durable sensing platform with a complex array of 65 infrared emitters and receptors. The computer generated image of the course is projected onto a life-size screen. [... more » ]
So am I the only person who hates playing through? I reserve all my worst shots for those moments when everyone’s holding things up on my account. And maybe I’m not the only one. [... more » ]
Does anyone else see the irony in this bonehead chucking out an expletive to deride Tiger for his alleged on-course profanity? What a class act. Tiger should take note, eh? [... more » ]
"We're pleased that so many people from different professional sports and related fields participated," said Thomas Costello, one of the event's organizers. [... more » ]
"The PGA of America is very pleased to be honoring (those) that have taken the challenge of developing new and exciting programs to support Play Golf America," said PGA President Roger Warren [... more » ]