Golf News for Friday, August 19, 2005
Zelocity distributes portable golf performance monitors employing sophisticated radar technology and mathematical algorithms to provide golfers with pure measurements and precise calculations. [... more » ]
"This initiative recognizes the role Florida's golf courses play in attracting visitors to the State and explores opportunities to increase tourism through golf," said Dr. Dale Brill, chief marketing officer for VISIT FLORIDA. [... more » ]
Yes! Golf holds the patents on C-Groove Technology and has been the leader in grooved technology in putters since 1997. The company has experienced tremendous growth in 2005. [... more » ]
"Though it has not been as successful as anticipated, let me assure you that from now on, BCDI will come back with something bigger and more organized annually," said Zack Umukala, BCDI president. [... more » ]
"This project with Technasonic Electronics has been exciting since we first met Ken Burnett at the 2003 PGA Expo in Orlando," said Frankie McDermott, Media Planner of CCM Marketing. [... more » ]
Gary N. McClung's "commitment and dedication will be crucial to the advisory council as we advance environmental practices on the golf course," said Greg Norman. [... more » ]
“This team provides the breadth and experience necessary to return the legacy and luster of this 110-year old structure to its grand historical state,” said David Wasserman, principal of Wasserman Real Estate Capital LLC. [... more » ]
"It quickly became clear that Gary Player was the outstanding choice based on his exceptional multinational portfolio as well as his marketability in South Africa," said James Wilson, head of IFA Hotels and Resorts. [... more » ]
"We look forward to enhancing all aspects of the club operation and continuing to position Willow Crest as one of the premier resort golf courses in Illinois,"said Ed Utz, Director of Marketing, Marriott Golf. [... more » ]
If you're a Wind Man, the Newport, Rhode Island golf scene is a place for you. With ocean breezes kicking up and dying down at a moment's notice, courses like Newport National Golf Club play differently from day to day, hole to hole and shot to shot. [... more » ]
The Cheap Bastard has the stamina of three men – provided at least two of those men are in some type of coma, of course. Still, when there is a deal to be had, the Cheap one here has superhuman powers. [... more » ]