Golf News for Thursday, August 18, 2005
"This victory is a reminder to quality-minded golfers that it’s what’s inside that counts," said John Lauchnor, president and CEO of Royal Precision, golf’s leading manufacturer of premium steel shafts. [... more » ]
Special Olympics golf, part of a worldwide sports program for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, offers five levels of play for athletes with different golf abilities. [... more » ]
"Through our Microsoft certification, we can ensure that our technology is thoroughly tested for stability and compatibility prior to any client release," said Steve Ecclestone, VP of product management. [... more » ]
"It was probably the most comfortable I've felt in the PGA Championship. I've now played in eight of them," said Steve Schneiter , assistant pro at Schneiter's Pebblebrook Golf Links in Sandy, Utah. [... more » ]
The addition of online tournament organizing is only one example of how the Raven at South Mountain continually strives to deliver the best golf experience in the Phoenix area. [... more » ]
"This is truly quite an honor to have both of our resort courses make this prestigious list," said Jerry Thompson, vice president of golf operations for Ginn Clubs & Resorts. [... more » ]
“The university and community need to work together as one. We have some good challenges up ahead, but need a good golf course," said NMHU Director of Development George DuFour. [... more » ]
"It speaks volumes to the performance characteristics of this product to have so many of the world’s best golfers wearing the DeFeet brand," said Craig Pollard, president of DeFeet Golf. [... more » ]
"Today's rocket propelling golf clubs are making a joke out of great golf courses all throughout the world," writes the Rebel Blogger. "Golf courses cannot keep up." [... more » ]
Look, I've lived in New Jersey. I can understand someone wanting to get away from New Jersey. But to not be able to stick it out for one night with your 11th major potentially on the line is almost unfathomable. [... more » ]
"Golf has always been about the search for the ideal -- the enjoyment of a perfected landscape. Savor the peacefulness and beauty that ... is the very essence of the game," Kinkade said. [... more » ]